Summer Internships

Lasell instituted an academic summer internship program in 2012. The internship program is an on-line, 4-credit class to be taken concurrently with the student completing an internship. The internship can be completed anywhere, as long as the student has internet access and a computer. Students may enroll in a field work class in Management, Sport Management, Fashion, or Interdisciplinary Studies (includes most other majors). Students completing degrees in Athletic Training, Justice Studies and Social Sciences must complete their academic internship during the school year. The Director of Internship Programs at Lasell works with students regarding questions and information.

Resources at Lasell

  • Director of Internship Programs (Klingbeil, 2nd floor)
  • Career Services (Edwards Student Center)
  • Faculty Advisors (by Department)


  • A collection of your work: writing samples, graphic design, photos; these all demonstrate skills. Having something to show that makes you stand apart is essential.
  • A "leave-behind" and/or a business card is an added bonus.
Maximize Opportunity

To make the most of an internship, a student needs to maximize the opportunity. Ask questions; show up on time; dress for success; take initiative. Prove to your supervisor that you are invested not only in your future but the organization's future. Prove to your employer that you are worth mentoring and taking on responsibility. Every day matters. Take an active role in your learning. If you are asked to file, ask what you are filing and why it is important. If you answer the phone, ask who is calling, what they are calling about, and whom they are calling. Ask where the small pieces fit into the BIG picture. Always ask, "How can I do better, or do more?"

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