Humanities Internships

The Humanities major provides students with a broad based program that explores the role of human imagination, intellect and expression in human history, cultural development, and social and personal relations. Major requirements therefore span the areas of Art History, Communication, English, History, Music, Philosophy, and Languages. For more information view the Humanities Major page.

In Their Own Words:

Chris BulkleyAt the Winslow Archives located at the Brennan Library, my responsibilities at the archives are twofold. Firstly, I preserve significant artifacts, and secondly I am working to compose a general anthology of musical history at Lasell College.
- Chris Bulkley, History Major

The [Newton Boys and Girls Club] internship is great for anyone who enjoys working with children and wants to get involved with the surrounding community. Interns are able to interact with children both recreationally and academically. The interns’ responsibilities are to participate in different activities with the children. Interns also serve as positive role models for the children to look up to. I have had great success at the club and recommend it to others.
- Sara Mancari, Humanities Major

Other Humanities Internship Opportunities Include:


  • 99.5 FM, WKLB, Boston: Promotions
  • 106.7 FM, WMJX, Boston: Promotions
  • WEEI Sports Radio, Boston: Promotions
  • 94.5 JAMN, Waltham:
  • Lasell Radio


  • Boston Herald, Morrissey Blvd., Boston
  • Boston Metro
  • The Boston Phoenix
  • Community Newspaper Company, Needham


  • Viacom Boston, Soldiers Field Road
  • New TV, Newton Community Television
  • New England Cable News


  • Charles River Museum of Industry, Waltham
  • Newton Historical Museum (formerly, the Jackson Homestead), West Newton
  • Paul Revere House, North Square, Boston.


    Marketing/PR/Advertising Agencies
  • Arnold Worldwide, Huntington Avenue, Boston
  • Collette Philips Communication, South End, Boston
  • Conventures, Design Center Place
  • Lasell College, Office of Institutional Advancement

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