Lauren TousignantHonors Program Student

At our age, we are very much a generation influenced by the media. For many, whether it be consciously or subconsciously, the media shapes how we view different aspects of the world and sometimes even our values. Mainstream media of television, the radio, and major published newspapers and magazines tend to keep in mind special interests of specific individuals or groups that they have ties with, and this can affect the types of stories that get released and highlighted. Although there has been some media attention on the genocide in Darfur, Sudan, such as concerts trying to raise money and awareness for the cause that have gotten press, some Hollywood stars speaking out about the issue (most will immediately think of Bono of U2), and even just news stories focusing on the issue, it is not nearly enough. MTVU even created a game called "Darfur is Dying" to raise awareness about the hardships being faced by the people, but MTVU is aimed at college students, and while their efforts are great and many have visited this online game, college students are known to be one of the most active groups in social issues already.

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