Honors Components

Four Honors "Components"

 In addition to four Honors Courses, students design four Honors Components in regular courses.

Each year students select a project in one of their regular non-Honors courses, converting that project into an "Honors Component" conducted for Honors credit. Students work with a professor to customize that project, tailoring it to the students interests, goals or needs.

Typically students will undertake Honors Components in the semesters they are not taking an Honor Course. Components represent a customized education; each component may be designed by the student and professor to deepen knowledge of course subject matter, to apply subject matter of the course to the student major or career goals, or to sharpen skills the student would like to hone.

See what Honors students have to say about the projects they designed.

Honors Student GaryGary Gay
Honors Component in Math
"In Calculus I and II, Professor Malini Pillai expects a lot out of her students. She is one of the most involved and caring teachers I have ever known."
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Honors Student AmandaAmanda Wasowski
Honors Component in Criminology
"My first Honors Component was probably the scariest one I had to do. Professor Carlson asked what I wanted to do in life. What I wanted to do? From this, my project evolved."
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Honors Student LauraLaura Notarangelo
Honors Component in
Global Ecology

"When I first figured out that I wanted to do an Honors Component in my Global Ecology class with Dr. Sarikas, I had no idea where to start. But luckily Dr. Sarikas..."
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Honors Student DesireeDesiree Milner-McKay
Honors Component in Sociology of Families
"What interests me about my Component is that it hits close to home. Combining research and poetry, it's not like any other assignment; this assignment can effect change."
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