Stop Genocide in Darfur, Sudan!

Honors Students Create a Course and Lead a Campaign: "Stop Genocide in Darfur, Sudan!"

Last spring, Chelsea Comeau and Lauren Tousignant had a vision. So they designed an Honors Component project in their Education class with Professor John Carroll.

Their objective: they wanted to use the Component to develop a course they could teach in the future and a course that would immerse college students in the urgent reality of the ongoing genocide in Darfur, Sudan.

Their vision became reality and a smash success. That Component project led to "Darfur Film and Discussion" the first-ever student-led course at Lasell College. Together with Secondary Education majors Chris Herget and Kevin Lawson, they taught the course this fall, and inspired a fascinated and committed group of 16 peers.

As a result, these twenty students organized the first "DARFUR DAY" for awareness and action, held across campus on November 14. The day brought campus attention to genocide through:

  • A petition drive and letter campaign with action requests to US Congress and Chinese Consulate
  • Facts and statistics posted on campus sidewalks, walls, and information video screens
  • A T-shirt sale fundraiser
  • A Candlelight vigil
  • Raising $350.95 to contribute to the organization Save Darfur Coalition

Read how the Darfur Four inspired three students in Honors 101.

Honors Students lead campaign to fight genocide in Darfur

Left to right: Honors Student Lauren Tousignant, Honors Student Chelsea Comeau, Secondary Ed. Major Kevin Lawson, Secondary Ed. Major Chris Herget

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Vladimir Zimakov, MADiane Heath Beever ’49 Associate Professor of Art; Director of the Wedeman GalleryProfessor Zimakov's design, illustration and fine art work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in America, Russia and other parts of the world.  

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