Northeast Regional Honors Conference

Nine Honors students represented the Lasell Honors Program at the 2008 Northeast Regional Honors Conference which took place at the historical city of Morristown, New Jersey. The various presentations were based on extensive research and projects done by each individual student in their respective classes.

Northeast Regional Honors Conference
The group of students included: Laura Notarangelo, Iván González, Erica Desautels, Allison Martin, Molly Fawcett, Stephanie Ballou, Kayla McKenna, Donna McIntyre, and Christina Garofalo.

Read student's thoughts about the conference

The students headed off to New Jersey from our campus on Thursday evening. This year, Professor Neil Hatem led the group. During the long five hour ride, they exchanged thoughts about the conference and about themselves.

In the “City As Text Explorations” on Friday, the students were part of a full-day excursion around the area. While on the outing, our students learned more about some of the historical events that had happened in the region. In addition to this, various gatherings with special guest speaker were held as well as a social event for all students to know more about each other.

Saturday was the day for research presentations. The topics pursued by Lasell students:

Laura Notarangelo in “Revolutionary Research in the Field of Genderlect,” analyzed the difference in communication behaviors between men and women, incorporating recent linguistics research as well as personal observation.

Molly Fawcett in “Domestic and Foreign Volunteer Work: A Waste of Time?” exposed her findings on domestic and foreign volunteer work with the support of a survey she developed and conducted in the different places of New England including our campus.

Allison Martin and Kayla McKenna’s presentation, “Campus Sustainability” showed evidence supporting how necessary it is for the college campus community to be thinking more seriously about the environment.

Christina Garofalo examined “Prisoner Education,” exploring education programs inside local prisons and the faculty who teach there, and

Iván González studied “Extreme Poverty in Mexico: First-Hand Points of View,” discussing extreme poverty in Mexico by taking a look at the Mexican government’s role in reducing poverty as well as by offering perspectives gathered from interviews conducted during a service-learning trip to the state of Veracruz, Mexico.

Erica Desautels and Donna McIntyre spoke on “Revolutionizing College HIV/AIDs Awareness.” They took the role of informing the audience how college AIDS awareness has grown too slowly over the years and the importance of moving forward.

Stephanie Ballou delivered “The Ultimate Advertisement: Dangerous Consequences of Body Image Issues,” which put into perspective her observations on the dangerous consequences entailed by advertisements that promote the “perfect” body image.

All of the different presentations resulted in an engaging forum with remarkable feedback. Lasell students were able to handle challenging questions asked by members of the audience— several of whom are professionals with in-depth experiences on the various topics.

Students’ Comments

Molly Fawcett, Psychology:
This conference has been an unforgettable experience. We were all able to celebrate our hard work and unique interests. We were able to interact with other students who have similar passions. Traveling with a group of Lasell students who may not normally spend time together due to different majors is awesome because we are able to expand our personal horizons. Thank you to the Honors Program for providing this experience!

Erica Desautels, Fashion Design:
This year’s honors conference was just as great as last year’s despite the weather! I made some great friends and everyone had such interesting topics. It was great to socialize and goof-off with honors students from all over New England. We were definitely the coolest, most interesting people there! Everyone from Lasell did an excellent job presenting and it all fostered some great conversations! I loved talking to a boy from Farleigh Dickenson about alternative fuels after Ali and Kayla’s presentation. We had a great time this year!!!

Stephanie Ballou, Fashion and Retail Merchandising:
This trip was a great experience. Being the only freshman, I wasn’t too sure about it, but I’m really glad I came. I got to meet some great people both from our school and from others. I had a lot of fun and hope to do it again.

Donna McIntyre, Sports Management:
This year’s conference was a ton of fun. As someone who participated last year, it was great to attend again and see my peers' work. I felt I also bonded with my trip mates from Lasell, which is awesome. We all met some interesting students from other schools that we never would have met otherwise. This conference is an amazing experience and I hope that other Lasell Honors students jump at the chance to participate next year.

Christina Garofalo, Education:
There is a first time for everything and this honors conference was my first and hopefully not my last. I didn’t really know the Lasell students that were coming on this trip personally but I’m so glad that I got to know them. When we got there, the most of us kept to ourselves. That didn’t last too long. I met a lot of new people that I hope to see again some day. I learned a lot from everyone’s presentations. I was happy that my presentation went well and even touched people on a personal level. It has been an amazing trip.

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