Lasell College graduate fees are broken down below.

Current students can view their bills and check balances on MyLasell.

View the 2016-17 Fee Schedule & Billing Policies (PDF)

Tuition $600 per credit
Comprehensive Fee $40/session
Late Payment Fee 1.5% of balance due per month
Replacement ID Card $50

Important Privacy Information
Per FERPA (family educational right to privacy act), bills/statements are generated in the student's name and therefore, the student bears the responsibility for payment. All notifications regarding billing statements are emailed in the students’ names to their Lasell College email address. Parents/guardians (or anyone else) may not receive specific information about a student's bill without student consent. If a parent or third party wishes to make payment on the student's behalf, it is the responsibility of the student to share all correspondence, including billing statements, with those individuals. A Billing PIN (personal identification number) is issued to all students to assist in providing information while complying with privacy policies. Students who wish to allow account access to a third party, including a parent, may provide their Billing PIN to that individual. Anyone contacting the Office of Student Accounts for specific account information will be asked to provide the PIN. The Billing PIN can be found on Lasell’s Self Service portal under the My Profile tab, Account Information, Student Accounts Billing Pin. Students may also add shared users to their Student Account Center (SAC) to allow users to view account detail and make payments toward their student account.