Professional MBA


Be the best business leader you can be.

Lasell's Professional MBA program (PMBA) instills the skills, knowledge, and credentials you need to maximize your impact on your company's performance and advance your career. Join a cohort of like-minded ambitious working professionals - each of whom have at least three years of professional experience - in our 16-month online master's degree program designed for maximum flexibility and convenience.

In Lasell's Professional MBA program, you will:

  • Learn from our highly qualified, practitioner faculty who combine first-hand knowledge with specialized training in online teaching
  • Apply your experience and further your expertise as you engage in relevant coursework and dynamic class discussions
  • Gain insights from the diverse perspectives offered by fellow classmates and professors, who will form a valuable new professional network for you
  • Earn the credentials you need to advance in your career in organizations of any size and from any sector in just 16 months

Why choose Lasell for an online MBA program?  

Offered online for convenience - Experience all the quality you demand from a Professional MBA program paired with the convenience of classes offered exclusively online. With 24/7 access, you can complete your coursework as your schedule allows, knowing that you can join class discussions at times that work for you.  

Comprehensive curriculumThe program's four modules - each taught by a small team of expert faculty - cover the full range of skills and knowledge you need to advance in your career. Topics include organizational development, leadership, quantitative analysis, finance, and strategy.  

A highly qualified, practitioner faculty - Professor Hector Iweka, Ph.D., brings more than 15 years of leadership and management experience in the U.S., European, and African markets, as our the other highly trained, skilled practitioner faculty who bring diverse professional backgrounds to their teaching. Faculty members are also widely accessible outside of the classroom to provide feedback, advice, and support.  

Extensive student support services - To maximize your success in our program, Lasell provides a wide range of support services including career counseling,  academic advising, and enrollment counseling.  

An MBA with ROI - Maximize your career impact with a high-value degree. Our tuition is under $30,000, just half the cost of competing programs.  

Our PMBA program requires a minimum of three years of work experience. Learn more about our admissions requirements, and join us to further your career. 


Module 1: Organizational Competencies (9 credits)
The first module of the PMBA program provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to successfully lead a 21st-century organization, including critical thinking, communication and team-building skills, diversity and cross-cultural awareness, decision-making and execution, and ethical leadership.

Module 1 components:

  • Organizational Development and Theory
  • Leading for Organizational Success
  • Organizational Responsibility and Social Justice

Module 2: Quantitative Skills (9 credits)
The second module focuses on analytic and problem-solving skills utilizing data and imparting information literacy, an essential skill for today's manager. You will learn to access and evaluate diverse data resources, use them to make informed business decisions, and practice applying these skills to both standard economic theory and ever-changing economic conditions.

Module 2 components:

  • Quantitative Analysis and Decision-Making
  • Managerial Economics
  • Statistics for Managerial Decision-Making

Module 3: Financial Skills (9 credits)
In this module, you acquire the financial skills you need to lead an organization and to position it to take advantage of the opportunities in the global economy. Through the module's three components, you will gain a solid understanding of accounting, develop the critical skill of forecasting financial performance, and learn how to identify and analyze trends so that your business can be more competitive.

Module 3 components:

  • Accounting for Managers
  • Financial Analysis for Managers
  • Global Finance

Module 4: Strategic Skills (9 credits)
Behind every successful business venture is an effective business strategy. And behind every successful strategy is a manager who must lead, inspire, motivate, and empower employees and partners to realize the vision that will position their business for growth. This module enables you to understand an organization's role in its sector and among its supply chain partners, assess what the company's functions and divisions must do to implement a strategy, and create business value using keen business sense and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Module 4 components:

  • Supply Chain Management Strategies
  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurial Strategy and Value Creation

Course Schedule

<strong>Course Schedule</strong>

Spring Main Session, 1/19-5/10
Course NumberNameFormatDay/TimeSession Dates
PMBA 701 Organizational Competencies* Online Online 1/19-5/10
PMBA 702 Quantitative Skills* Online Online 1/19-5/10
PMBA 704 Strategic Skills* Online Online 1/19-5/10
Summer Main Session, 5/17-8/24
Course NumberNameFormatDay/TimeSession Dates
PMBA 702 Quantitative Skills* 
(PMBA 701)
Online Online 5/17-8/24
PMBA 703 Financial Skills*
(Prereq: PMBA 702)
Online Online 5/17-8/24
Fall Main Session, 5/17-8/24
Course NumberNameFormatDay/TimeSession Dates
PMBA 701 Organizational Competencies* Online Online 9/6-12/16
PMBA 703 Financial Skills* Online Online 9/6-12/16
PMBA 704 Strategic Skills* Online Online 9/6-12/16

*Courses restricted to students in PMBA program