MS in Sport Management: Sport Non-Profit Management

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Leaders in the sport non-profit sector must have a strong understanding of the legal mandates as well as the ethical and fiscal responsibilities of non-profit organizations. Students will be prepared to be effective leaders in the sport industry with a focus on the non-profit sport organizations such as the YMCA, boys and girls clubs, town and county sport leagues and sport-related charities through the study of major themes of leadership in sport organizations, fundraising and development, and leading legal, ethical and responsible non-profit sport organizations. View the Master of Science in Sport Management with a concentration in Sport Non-Profit Management admission requirements.

Students who pursue the Master of Science in Sport Management with a concentration in Sport Non-Profit Management will take the following courses:

Core MS Curriculum
24 credits

COM 705 Media Relations 3
SMGT 701 Current Issues in Sports 3
SMGT 703 Sport Sponsorship and Marketing 3
SMGT 704 Sport and the Law 3
SMGT 705 Fin Management in the Sport Industry 3
SMGT 709 Managing Diversity in Sport Organizations 3
SMGT 711 Sport Leadership to Shape the Future 3
SMGT 780 Research & Design in the Sport Industry 3

Concentration Courses
9 credits

SMGT 712 Intercollegiate Rules & Procedures 3
SMGT 731 Ethical Non-Profit Sport Management 3

Choose one of the following:

MGMT 743 Fundraising Concepts & Practices 3
SMGT 707 Exec & Strat leadership in the Sport Ind 3
SMGT 713 International Sport Management 3
SMGT 722 Managing Sport Facilities/Special Events 3

Capstone Options
3 credits

Choose one of the following:

SMGT 781 Writing & Reporting Research in Sport 3
SMGT 797 Internship 3

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Students pursuing the thesis option as their Capstone are required to take SMGT 781, Writing & Reporting Research in Sport, to fulfill their requirements.

Students pursuing the non-thesis option as their Capstone are required to take the following 3-credit course: SMGT 797 Internship

SMGT 701 and SMGT 703 can be substituted for additional concentration courses. For example, if a student desires to take a majority of the courses listed under their designated concentration, the student may petition the Department Chair for permission to substitute (*) courses with Concentration courses.

Graduate Info Session
Wednesday, January 7, at 6:30 p.m.