Faculty Bio

Joan Dolamore, Ed.D.
Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies

Office: Klingbeil House

Tel: 617-243-2485

Email: jdolamore@lasell.edu


  • Ed.M. Harvard University, Graduate School of Education
  • Ed.D. in Human Development and Psychology, Harvard University, Graduate School of Education

Dr. Joan Dolamore’s academic career has focused on developing innovative programs for adult learners. Dr. Dolamore helps adults returning to school seeking certificates and degrees advance in their careers and achieve their professional goals. At Lasell, Dr. Dolamore has responsibility for all graduate education and works closely with Academic Chairs in developing degree and certificate programs that provide personal touch and professional advantage.

Dr. Dolamore was Co-Chair of the Faculty Assembly at Lesley University, received the Lesley Impact Award in 2004, and from 2007-08 was President of the Adult Higher Education Alliance. At Lesley, Dr. Dolamore was responsible for the university’s first corporate partnership on the undergraduate level at the School of Management with John Hancock; at Wentworth she developed strategic partnerships with The Carpenters Union and The Electrical Workers Local 103, as well as an articulation agreement with Bristol Community College.

Dr. Dolamore’s publications and presentations have explored assessment of adult programs, the role of study groups in retention, and the role of reflective writing in developing critical thinking skills in adults. Dr. Dolamore is adept at teaching in multiple delivery models, including face-to-face, hybrid and online. She teaches courses in lifespan development, management, research, and communication.

What is your teaching philosophy?
"I believe strongly that the learning environment needs to be responsive to varied learning styles so classes I develop and teach have a variety of activities, including discussion, time for reflection, presentations, research, and writing. I encourage highly interactive and informal classes where my role is more of a facilitator, helping students discover their own passion for the subject. I try to tailor my teaching to individual student’s learning needs, providing more or less structure as needed."

Dean Dolamore on Time Management:
"I have a firm belief that anybody can be successful if they know how they learn best and if they can organize their time,“ says Dean Joan Dolamore. Here are her top tips for balancing school and life:

Embrace Your Role as a Student.
If you don’t respect your new role and the commitment it takes, no one else will.

Schedule Time to Study.Block out study time in your calendar beforehand. Factor in study breaks as well.

Choose a Place to Get Your Work Done. Set up a space that is free of distractions and stocked with snacks. If you can't create a space at home, college libraries provide an excellent environment.

Learn to say ‘No.’ It’s hard to turn down family, friends, and work, but in order to be successful, it’s necessary to develop the capacity to say ‘No.’

Re-Think the Way You Read. The student muscle needs to be built up over time. Read the most difficult parts of an assignment when you’re most energetic. When starting a new assignment, read the summary first, then flip through the pages to get an idea of what the material covers, and then go back and read what interests you.