Alumni Profiles

When you graduate from college, experience doesn't just count for something - it counts for everything. But don’t take our word for it. Meet some of our alumni and hear how their experiences at Lasell equipped them for their successes today.

Jo-Anne Baxter

Jo-Anne Baxter '15
Director of Public Relations and Sponsorships, Boston Children's Museum
Degree: MS in Communication

Pam Garretson

Pamela Garretson '16
Director of Communication, New Jersey's Atlantic Health System
Degree: MS in Communication/Health Communication

 Nikki D’Addario

Nikki D'Addario '12
Public Relations Manager, Kronos
Degree: M.S. in Communication

Christina Gallardo

Christina Gallardo '11
Director of Advertising and Marketing, G20 and Emerge Spas & Salon 
Degree: M.S. in Communication

Emily Makin-Kennedy

Emily Makin-Kennedy '12
Human Resource Manager, The Ironside Group, Inc.
Degree: M.S. in Management

Jack McKenna

LTC Jack McKenna '12
United States Army
Degree: M.S. in Communication

Sophie Prevost

Sophie Prevost '14
Teacher, Learning Center at Henry Whittemore Elementary School
Degree: Master of Education Moderate Disabilities

Stephen Seaward

Stephen Seaward '12
Assistant Director, Family Service of RI
Degree: M.S. in Management

Matt Tieri

Matt Tieri '12
Account Executive, Group Sales and Service, Boston Red Sox
Degree: M.S. in Sport Management

Tom Travers

Tom Travers '10
Dining Director, University of Hawaii
Degree: M.S. in Management