Alumni Profiles

When you graduate from college, experience doesn't just count for something - it counts for everything. But don’t take our word for it. Meet some of our alumni and hear how their experiences at Lasell equipped them for their successes today.

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson '10
Boston Strength and Conditioning
Degrees: BS in Sports Science '09, MS in Management '10 

Stephanie Kelly

Stephanie Kelly '13
Account Manager, Museum of Science, Boston
Degree: MS in Sports Management

Fred Ramirez

Fred Ramirez '13
Digital Marketing Manager, TRC Companies, Inc.
Degree: MS in Management, Marketing '13  

Kristin Mulready

Kristin Mulready '15
Senior Director in Program and Alliance Management, Mersana Therapeutics  
Degree: MS in Management  

Jo-Anne Baxter

Jo-Anne Baxter '15
Director of Public Relations and Sponsorships, Boston Children's Museum
Degree: MS in Communication

Pam Garretson

Pamela Garretson '16
Director of Communication, New Jersey's Atlantic Health System 
Degree: MS in Communication/Health Communication

Stacey Gigante

Stacey Gigante '16
Senior Communications Specialist, Boston Children’s Hospital
Degree: MS in Communications, Integrated Marketing Communication

Christina Gallardo

Christina Gallardo '11
Director of Advertising and Marketing, G20 and Emerge Spas & Salon  
Degree: M.S. in Communication

Emily Makin-Kennedy

Emily Makin-Kennedy '12
Director of  People and Culture, Ironside
Degree: M.S. in Management

Jack McKenna

LTC Jack McKenna '12
United States Army
Degree: M.S. in Communication

Sophie Prevost

Sophie Prevost '14
Teacher, Learning Center at Henry Whittemore Elementary School
Degree: Master of Education Moderate Disabilities

Stephen Seaward

Stephen Seaward '12
Assistant Director, Family Service of RI
Degree: M.S. in Management

Matt Tieri

Matt Tieri '12
Account Executive, Group Sales and Service, Boston Red Sox
Degree: M.S. in Sport Management

Tom Travers

Tom Travers '10
Dining Director, University of Hawaii
Degree: M.S. in Management