Academic Departments

Department of Math & Science

Neil Hatem, Ed.D.

Chair of Mathematics and Science; Associate Professor of Mathematics

Office: Maple Street MOD

Tel: 617-243-2364


The Mathematics and Science Department offers a major in Applied Mathematics as well as a Mathematics minor. Students majoring in Applied Mathematics select a concentration in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, or a Field of Application. Careers involving applied mathematics require knowledge of mathematics as well as knowledge of a field in which mathematics is applied.

Students majoring in Applied Mathematics with a Field of Application concentration complete at least twelve mathematics courses and at least six approved courses in a field where significant applications of mathematics are possible. In consultation with an academic advisor, students may design a single-discipline or multi-disci­pline Field of Application from fields such as business, economics, education, environmental studies, fashion, graphic design, sociology, or sports science. Students apply mathematics to their field in papers, projects, and courses that culminate in a Capstone Seminar and an Internship.

Students graduate with the skills for many career opportunities in almost every sector of the job market using mathematics for analysis, prediction, modeling, problem solving, and education. Graduates receive a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics.