Justice Studies Student Organizations

Alpha Phi Sigma

Alpha Phi Sigma is a national honor society that includes students in the Justice Studies program. There are over 100 colleges and universities throughout the United States that have chapters of Alpha Phi Sigma. Over 30 different students have been inducted into the organization. Students upon induction receive a pin, a fine certificate suitable for framing, and a beautiful set of honor cords to be worn at graduation. Students are invited to join the society when they have completed three semesters as a full-time student, have a GPA of at least 3.2, and have taken a minimum of four courses in the field of criminal justice or legal studies.

If you have any questions about Alpha Phi Sigma, please contact Professor Edward Sieh, esieh@lasell.edu.

The Beccaria Society

The Beccaria Society is Lasell College’s Criminal Justice Association. The Society's goal is to provide criminal justice and legal studies students at Lasell with an organization to further their understanding and opportunities in the criminal justice arena. To accomplish this goal we will offer events on campus, open to all students, regarding justice matters, and host events where professionals working in the field of criminal justice and legal studies come to Lasell to discuss with students what their careers are like as well as talk about jobs and internship opportunities. The Beccaria Society can be used in this way as a networking tool for criminal justice and legal studies students at Lasell.

The Beccaria Society is named after Cesare Beccaria, the father of classical school of criminology, who as an Italian intellectual published in 1764 his masterpiece, On Crime and Punishment. This is one of the first efforts to offer rational principles for the criminal justice process including the belief that all  people should be treated equally; judges should impose penalities only in accordance with the law; punishment should be prompt and effective; the punishment should be based on what the person has done; and, the belief that the punishment should outweigh the benefits from the crime.

The Beccaria Society currently has around 21 members, and is open to all students at Lasell College who wish to further their understanding in criminal justice and legal studies. If interested in The Beccaria Society, contact Professor Sarah Abbot, sbabbot@lasell.edu.