Justice Studies Majors

The Justice Studies Department offers three majors - Criminal Justice, Law and Public Affairs, and Legal Studies - and one Pre-Law Advising Program.

Criminal Justice
The Criminal Justice Major focuses on understanding and defining criminal behavior in the context of social, economic and psychological forces. Students learn the practices pertaining to the criminal justice system, crime prevention and public and corporate responses to crime on local, national and international level. Lasell's Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is approved by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education under the Guidelines for Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Academic Programs.

Career options for a Criminal Justice Major:

  • Police Officer
  • Social Worker
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Political Aid

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Law and Public Affairs
The Law and Public Affairs Major examines how the law filters into social, political, economic, and other institutions. Students develop analytics skills in research, problem-solving, and advocacy, and discover the issues regarding the American legal system and how it compares to global perspectives and policies.

A Law and Public Affairs degree offers various career settings:

  • Working for Goverment Organizations
  • Non-Profit Sectors
  • Legal Offices for Municipalities
  • Policy and Regulations Departments

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Legal Studies
The Legal Studies Major teaches students about the American legal system. Constitutional law is introduced, the organization and operation of the legal system are examined and the role of federal, state and local government is explored.

Career options for a Legal Studies Major:

  • Judge
  • Law Librarian
  • Law Clerk
  • Court Administrator

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Pre-Law Advising Program
The Pre-Law advising program is a recommended sequence of courses for students considering law school.

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Faculty Profile

Steven F. Bloom, Ph.D.Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dean of Undergraduate Education; Professor of EnglishSteven F. Bloom's primary scholarly focus is on the life and works of the American dramatist Eugene O'Neill, in particular, O'Neill's dramaturgical use of drinking and alcoholism.  

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President Alexander Responds to the Tragedy in Orlando  Thursday, June 16, 2016We the people of the United States cherish our freedoms. Whether it be the freedom to say what we want, to assemble in groups of our choosing, to follow the religions of our choice, to vote as our conscience demands, to own and carry weapons, to start new businesses and make money, and to move about as we please -- these are values we hold dear and are reluctant to compromise.

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