Performing Arts Minor

The Humanities Department offers a 19-credit minor in Performing Arts. To complete the minor, students must take a variety of classes in music, dance, theater, and theory.

Required Courses (4 credits):

PERF 111 - Performing Arts Practices (3)
PERF 399 - Performing Arts Practicum (1)

Choose 2 from the following 3 foundational courses (6 credits):

MUS 101 - Music Appreciation I (3)
OR MUS 102 - Music Appreciation II (3)
ENG 211 - Modern Drama (3)
PERF 203 - Dance Explorations (3)

Choose from the following electives* (9 credits):

MUS 104 - World Music (3)
MUS 107 - Understanding & Playing the Blues (3)
MUS 108 - Blues: Harmony & Theory (3)
MUS 109 - American Folk Music (3)
MUS 201 - Musical Comedy (3)
MUS 202 - Music Fundamentals (3)
MUS 203 - Popular Music (3)
MUS 204 - Music for Educators: Classroom Folk Music (3)
MUS 207 - Songwriting: Craft & Creation (3)
MUS 215 - History of Jazz (3)
PERF 101 - Chorus [up to 3 credits] (1)
PERF 105 - Basic Acting (3)
PERF 106 - Vocal Techniques & Voice Training [up to 3 credits] (1)
PERF 107 - Introduction to Theatre Arts (3)
PERF 108 - Dance Techniques [up to 3 credits] (1)
PERF 109X - Ballet Techniques I [up to 3 credits] (1)
PERF 110X - Preparing for Musical Theatre [up to 3 credits] (1)
PERF 201 - Intermediate Acting (3)
PERF 202 - World Percussion (3)

*Completion of MUS 101, MUS 102, ENG 211, and/or PERF 203 may earn elective credit if not used to earn foundational course credit.

Course descriptions can be found here.

Students have the opportunity to take part in many activities and organizations at Lasell, including those which are performance-based: 

Divine Step Team
Stepping, a dance tradition that is a complex performance involving synchronized percussive movement, singing, speaking, chanting, and drama. It can be traced to the peoples and cultural dance traditions of Africa, specifically, the "Gumboot Dance". With a focus on precise foot movements and hand-clapping, gumboots used dance as a means to communicate. Stepping in the U.S. can be traced as far back as the 1920's during fraternity pledges at Howard University. The Divine step team at Lasell College has produced a very diverse team of talented individuals who keep the step tradition alive. The Divine step team promotes unity and pride at Lasell College. Our mission is to showcase all that Lasell has to offer at the same time we support various organizations and causes on campus. Step is a skill that can be learned with practice and we encourage all to join. The Divine Step Team has performed on campus at events such as the Lasell College Presidential Inauguration and locally in the community.

Lasell College Boston Ballet Club
This is a club dedicated to connecting students with the Boston Ballet. We are going to see shows, we'll be taking tours of the ballet's costume shop, and connecting students to potential internships with a world renowned company. This club also is set in place to support the Boston Ballet course offered through the Humanities Department with Lasell College.

Lasell College Chorus
The purpose of this organization is to give the students an opportunity to learn and perform choral music on campus as well as off campus.

Lasell College Drama Club
The purpose of this organization shall be to provide a group consisting of those who have a passion for any aspect of the performing arts, who spread the wonders of the theatrical world throughout the Lasell community. 

Lasell Spartones
Lasell Spartones shall portray our vocal abilities without musical accompaniment. We aim to build confidence in vocals and performances. This should be a creative outlet for the musically inclined and open minded. This is a way to come together to alleviate weekly stress. The club is a place for social interactions for like-minded entertainers who love music. It is important to show the diversity that Lasell College offers, in presentation and music selections. Our main goal is to perform and entertain the Lasell College Community.