The Brigham and Women's Hospital Nursing Project

The concept of "Where the Classroom is the Real World" is certainly reflected in a recent partnership between Lasell College and the Brigham and Women's Hospital. For months, Lasell fashion students in retail merchandising and design have had a unique opportunity to work side-by-side with hospital administrator Martina Lang-Stuart, Countway Library of Medicine archivist Cathy Pate and philanthropist Frederic Sharf to develop an exhibition that highlights historic nursing attire to commemorate Brigham and Women's Centennial celebration.

The content of the exhibit features various discoveries regarding the details and evolution of nurses' uniforms throughout the first half of the 20th century. The information is organized as a means to articulate the hospital's history, while also including prevailing modes of style that enabled women to display educational accomplishment, occupational membership and feminine vibrancy. The compelling importance of female attire in association with societal expectations has a long standing tradition, especially throughout significant periods in history. Therefore nurses' uniforms needed to not only function in various conditions of this profession, but also needed to adhere to certain aspects of fashionable attire.

Lasell's fashion department takes prides in its academic flexibility regarding curricular initiatives which enables students to explore theoretical concepts within professional environments. In this case, the following individuals utilized their creative talents and research skills to produce a comprehensive public exhibition profiling nursing attire and its historic significance.

Fashion Design and Production: Solange Carpenter, Megan Dubord 2014 & Sammi Yang 2013
Fashion Retail and Management: Lindsay Feeney 2014, L. Angel Morales, Natalie Sherwood & Krista DiCarlo 2013.