The Lasell Fashion Collection (LFC) is used to further develop its multi- faceted designation as both a working and museum collection. This exceptional resource provides a platform for the college's educational mission which includes "Where the Classroom is the Real World". In other words, the holdings are used for teaching, research, and exhibitions. The goal is to provide a real world simulation that pertains to collection management, curatorial practices and professional presentation.

The Fashion Department welcomes quality donations to help expand student and public awareness of the value of costume in understanding social history. The LFC is accessible to both the Lasell community and the general public for research purposes on an appointment basis. 

Note from Lasell Fashion Collection Curator,
Professor Jill Carey
(617) 243-2299

The Lasell Fashion Collection website was created by Lasell students Kayla Diggins and Brittany Musto.

Kayla Diggins
Kayla Diggins is a Fashion Retail and Merchandising student at Lasell College with a projected graduation date of May 2014. She is an honors student with particular interests in history and dress.  As a junior she studied abroad in Florence, Italy learning the importance of cultural immersion while continuing her education with diverse courses. As part of the Collection Research and Management course, she has collaborated to establish an online presence for the Lasell College Fashion Collection. 

Brittany Musto
Brittany Musto is pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fashion and Retail Merchandising with a minor in Event Management. She expects to graduate in May of 2014. She chose to study at Lasell College to enhance her passion for the fashion industry as well as incorporate hospitality within her course work. At Lasell, Brittany has participated in many connected learning experiences that have furthered her educational foundation and experiential knowledge. During the fall of Brittany's junior year, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy. Her International exposure has improved her personal growth, while building upon a global perspective in her chosen disciplines. Most recently, Brittany was invited to enroll in a 400 level research course associated with the Lasell Fashion Collection where she co-developed a web presence for this unique educational resource.

Fashion Collection at Lasell College

  • Fashion Collection at Lasell College
  • Fashion Collection at Lasell College
  • Fashion Collection at Lasell College

Student Profile

Emma LandegrenFashion Design & Production, Class of 2017"Having the option to explore many options in fashion at Lasell is what is so great. "  

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