Fashion Research Abroad

June 27th | From Grace Jacobson

June 27, 2014

This morning 6 other girls and I worked the SONGZIO fashion show. This was personally my favorite experience of the trip. Our job was to dress the models. Everyone at the show was very welcoming and kind. I made some very good friends and contacts that I will stay in touch with. The designer himself welcomed us when we arrived and even thanked us for coming and for taking our time to help him. He was by far the nicest designer I have ever met.

The show went very smoothly, and had a fun atmosphere. The models were joking around, along with the photographers who were all characters themselves. Songzio’s designs were very simplistic yet beautifully detailed. My model had one suit that was covered in zebra stripes yet still managed to look classic - which is a hard thing to achieve! The second suit that he wore was entirely white in a linen fabric which created a light and flowing look.

Even though this was one of our shorter days, it was still packed full of great experiences. I wouldn’t have traded this day for anything!!

Designer Songzio

Menswear Designer Songzio


A model prepares for the show...


... before taking to the runway!



Working at the SONGZIO fashion show.