Fashion Research Abroad

June 26th | The Fashionista’s Tour de France

June 26, 2014

Thursday was the granted “free day” to all Lasell fashion students. This day also marke day 2 of men’s fashion week. As all fashion design majors, what better way to start off our day than traveling to the Rick Owens show and trying our hand at getting inside? We didn’t know the exact location, so we began our search around 10:50 AM. Arriving at the Place De Varsovie, we turned the corner to see a mob of photographers and fashionistas.The entrance to the show was quite a sight to see and there were split lines for The Press and for Buyers. Watching guests walk into the show was like a runway itself…..even their matte, black invitations were chic. Unfortunately, the standing room section was not available. Although we were not able to get in, we did talk to a lot of fashion bloggers and photographers. We got their names, cards and information and learnt so much about fashion week from the press point of view. It was interesting to know how they hopped from show to show, and learned that the morning shows were usually easier to get into. It was also surprising to learn that a lot of the shows were enigmatic. Louis Vuitton for example, put a “clue” for non-invitees to find their secret location today!

After the show we went on to go shopping! We shopped up and down St. Michel, frequenting NafNaf, Promod, Etam, Andre Shoes, and various Souvenier Shops. It was a prime shopping day for Parisians and visitors everywhere because the summer sales began on Wednesday. In Andre, a shoes store, almost all of shoes there are made in Italy and Europe.Unlike America, France only has 2 sale periods a year – January and June/July. The discount in most of the stores is 30%-50%. Although everything wasn’t exactly inexpensive, you get what you pay for in quality!

As the day came to a close, we started to walk back to our apartments. We shared our purchases with each other along with the new things we learned – not only about each other but also about ourselves. We were all having so much fun, and although a night of dancing seemed very tempting, we had to say lights out to La Ville Luimiere. I never thought as a 20 year old I be excited to wake up at 6AM, but if the idea of working at Paris Fashion Week doesn’t make you an instant morning person, then your Louboutins are walking up the wrong rue!