Fashion Research Abroad

June 24th | From Danielle & Michelle

June 24, 2014

Today we left bright and early to take a bus ride from the Paris American Academy to Versailles. We began our time with a private tour of the upstairs living quarters of the Kings and Queens of France which included seeing bed chambers, dining rooms, libraries and the private opera house. We then traveled downstairs to the public spaces which included public bed chambers, government meeting rooms and ended with the Hall of Mirrors.

Hall of Mirrors

After touring the palace, students split into small groups to explore the endless gardens of Versailles. Within the garden quarters one can find countless statues, beautiful fountains, and also the large canal. Not only are visitors allowed to walk through the gardens, guests are able to bike, eat, take photos, and canoe throughout the day.

The next part of our journey was visiting Monet's Gardens. This part of the day included an hour bus ride from Versailles to Giverny. When we reached our destination, we as a class were able to tour Monet's house. Then students were given time afterwards to walk through the beautiful gardens.

Monet’s Gardens

Although pictures were not allowed inside, Monet's house contained a colorful pallet which is reflected in his paintings. It is evident that Monet lived a simple life in a small village, which can be seen within some of his artwork.  Many important visual inspirations associated with  Monet's work include the lily pads, the bridges over the pond, as well as the picturesque flowers.

Overall we had a beautiful sunny day, and a great time exploring the many things that France has to offer.