Fashion Research Abroad

June 21st | From Chloe, Madeliene Hixon & Jaime

June 21, 2014

Today was yet another amazing day, and night, in Paris! We are fortunate enough to be here on the first day of summer! And of course, the weather was a perfect fit!

During class, the whole group met with Jean Paul Gaultier's milliner: Jean-Pierre Tritz. He is so amazing and creative. He has had an extensive career working with many famous couture designers. He shared his portfolio of hats with us and his work  was stunning. We all tried our skills at hat making, most of us for the first time. The process ended up being pretty easy, and everyone's hats turned out great! Now the only problem is getting them home... We will have to all just look fabulous at the airport with our hats on!

Class with Jean-Pierre Tritz

Class with Jean-Pierre Tritz

The design students started with the hat seminar, while the merchandising and communication students began with the feather workshop. We then switched. Working with feathers is more difficult than it looks. It takes true technique and strategy – not to mention very sticky with the amount of glue necessary! While it was a harder activity, it was still an amazing skill to have learned.

feather workshop

After a long day, it was an even longer night. Once classes were over it was time to celebrate!

In France, the first day of summer is a big celebration called  Fete De La Musique, also known as National Music Day. All day long there are street performers and different concerts in various parts of the city. And into the night the festivities continue on to make for an incredible nightlife! On one street there were people blocking cars and dancing like crazy to music. Police officers just stood back and watched the scene, without a care! It was such a fun atmosphere. It was truly amazing to be able to experience the festival while we were here!