Fashion Research Abroad

Immerced in Studies & Paris

June 18, 2014

Our trend forecasting workshop with Philip Fimmano wrapped up the morning on June 18th. We arrived at Paris American Academy, put the finishing touches on our trend/ mood boards and then we were tasked with articulating the purpose behind our concept, image and composition choices to the class. Philip emphasized to the class that it is one accomplishment to create a physical depiction of a concept, but it is a separate task to able to communicate your creative process to an audience.

After a short lunch break we were on our way to a guided tour at the Louvre museum. Our group navigated our way to the RER.

We took a short walk and our journey led us to shops and boutiques. There was a trim store that all the design students flocked to. Word is, this store can match any color button you could ever imagine! Not to mention the array of yarns! Next we stopped at the Palais Royale. This is an historic site which used to be home to Comedie Française, a royal theater. It is now home to beautiful gardens surrounded by designer stores- Stella McCartney, Rick Owens, and Martin Margiela were just a few of the brands represented. Large windows in each of the storefronts allowed us to assess the aesthetic of each brand and their visual merchandising styles.

Next stop-  the Louvre. Did you know the Louvre was the original palace of French royalty?

This was evident by the exquisitely elaborate ceiling paintings, statues, and stunning gold accents. The Venus de Milo, Mona Lisa, and "The Coronation" by David were among the highlights of the tour. Though it would take 3 months to give each item in the museum a minute of your time, two hours later we were finished and saturated with art history.

The tour dispersed into smaller groups to independently explore the city. Whether it was a plate of escargot, locking down love at the Pont des Arts bridge, or snapping a few shameless tourist pictures, the evening was all spent getting to know the city and each other.