Faculty Bio

Michael Daley, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Environmental Science Office: Bancroft House
Tel: 617-243-2126
Email: mdaley@lasell.edu


  • Ph.D. from Boston University
  • M.S.T. from SUNY, Plattsburgh
  • B.S. from Siena College

Courses Taught:

  • ENV211 Environmental Science

Michael Daley is a forest ecologist with interests in global change biology. His research examines the interaction of vegetation and its physical environment. Professor Daley is also a scholar of K-12 science education. He has worked with the JASON Project and co-authored several books including Disappearing Wetlands: Texas Instruments Activity Book & CD and JASON Science Adventure: Aquatic Field Studies.

In 2004, Professor Daley was awarded a National Science Foundation fellowship to pursue research on the impact of the invasive species hemlock woolly adelgid on New England forests. He has presented this work at professional meetings of the Ecological Society of America and the International Union of Forest Research Organizations. He has published findings in journals including The American Naturalist, Canadian Journal of Forest Research and Tree Physiology.

How does your professional experience influence your teaching at Lasell?
"Global environmental change is an unprecedented threat to life on earth. I believe my role in education is to help students understand the connection between their actions and the health of our planet. With this understanding, students are prepared to help reduce the ecological footprint of humans on the planet… as human activities increasingly alter natural processes, understanding the feedbacks between vegetation and its physical environment are critical."

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