Academic Departments

Environmental Studies Program

Aaron Toffler, J.D.

Director of the Environmental Studies Program; Associate Professor of Environmental Policy

Office: Bancroft House

Tel: 617-243-2039


As our society has become increasingly enlightened, and alarmed, about the impact of humanity on the environment, sustainability has begun to permeate our culture. From industry to agriculture, to science and technology, individuals who are knowledgeable about the environment and best “green” practices are likely to have an advantage in the twenty-first century. As both the government and the public exert greater pressure for environmental accountability from all business, commercial, private and public enterprises, careers in environmental studies are becoming increasingly important.

The Environmental Studies Major is an interdisciplinary program with a primary focus on policy and advocacy, grounded in an understanding of relevant scientific and humanistic concepts. The Environmental Studies Major provides students the opportunity to examine the connections between the environment and the community, both local and global. Through a combination of coursework and Connected Learning experiences, the Environmental Studies program prepares students to address the many environmental challenges we face, including matters of public policy, economics, and ethics, which will help . To help students realize their capacity to promote change in pursuit of environmental sustainability within the places they live, work, and study, the Environmental Studies program utilizes Lasell College as a learning lab. We challenge students in the Environmental Studies major to consider the impact of the College on the environment and encourage students to propose solutions and take leadership action.

Students have service-learning and internship opportunities to work on sustainability issues on campus as well as with environmental organizations in the Greater Boston area, leading to local connections and networks that can lead to successful environmental studies careers.

The Environmental Studies Major prepares students to pursue environmental studies career opportunities in policy and regulation, advocacy, resource management, and outdoor education. Students may also continue with graduate study in such fields as environmental studies, environmental science, environmental law and policy, resource economics, and business management.

Graduates receive a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies.

The Environmental Studies Program at Lasell College provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to incorporate sustainability considerations into their decision-making in order to effect change in places where they live, work and study.