Social Justice Linked Credit

Linked credits give students the opportunity to earn academic credit for their social justice activism. This can include description of social injustice, analysis of the issues that cause social and economic disparities, and action to address issues of justice by raising awareness (educating) or advocating for change. Students have invited speakers and organized events, showed films and led discussions, attended conferences, lobbied, organized petitions and designed educational materials.

Some recent examples:

  • Terri Moody, an Environmental Studies major, coordinated Earth Day celebrations at Lasell. This included bringing a speaker to talk about climate change and divestment.
  • Jenny Swanson, Emily Cooper and Hayden Weltin, majors in Human Services and Psychology worked with Prof. Marsha Mirkin on developing a curriculum on Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation and Gender Roles, and the following year co-taught this course with her.
  • Danielle Monastiero, a major in Events Management, managed a campaign to register students to vote – and managed to have more 600 students registered.
  • Rebecca Lanham, a Human Rights minor, compiled a comprehensive list of websites that deal with Human Rights for the website of the Human Rights Working Group of the International Sociological Association.
  • Jay Franzone, a Social Media Communications major, worked on gender neutral housing and diversity on campus.
  • Aliza Bogosian, a Fashion Design major, attended the annual Reproductive Rights and Social Justice conference at Hamsphire College and shared her new insights with the campus community.

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