Toddler Two (ages 2 yrs- 3 yrs)

Sarah Costa, Toddler Two Lead Educator
I am a May 2006 graduate from Lasell College. I was a substitute at the Barn since 2003 and I did my senior internship in the Toddler Two classroom. After completing my internship and graduating I was hired as a full time Toddler Two teacher in May of 2006. In May 2009 I received my Masters degree in Management. I am looking forward to getting to know each of you over the coming school year.

Megan Clinton, Toddler Two Educator
I graduated from Lasell College in May 2007, with a BS in Psychology and May 2010 with my Masters in Management. During my undergrad studies at Lasell I worked as a substitute teacher in  all the classrooms at the Barn. I have been working as a full time Toddler Two teacher since 2008. I am looking forward to another fun year.

Ashley Egan, Toddler Two Educator
I graduated from Lasell in May 2009 with a Bachelor in Communications. I have always loved working with children and spent my 4 years of undergrad as a student assistant. After Graduation, I was hired as a full-time teacher in the toddler two classroom and I have really enjoyed the past year in my new role. I am currently enrolled in a Masters program here at Lasell and enjoy spending time with your children every day.



Older Toddlers Daily Schedule
Size of classroom 9 children


8:00-9:15 GOOD MORNING - greetings, communication with parents, activity areas set up and morning projects, structured free play. Classrooms are open between younger and older Toddlers.
9:15-9:45 Classrooms separate and finish playing in their own classroom.
9:30 TOILETING TIME start of classroom clean-up.
10:00-10:20 SNACK TIME
10:30-11:00 CIRCLE TIME – Monthly or weekly theme discussion, finger plays, stories, experiments, teaching concepts, sharing time…
11:00-11:45 PROJECT TIME – art projects, cooking projects, science projects, music class, theme activities outdoors play…
11:45-12:00 TOILETING TIME and handwashing
12:00-12:45 LUNCH TIME (preparation for nap)
12:45-3:30 NAP TIME
3:30-4:00 TOILETING TIME and handwashing
4:00-4:30 SNACK TIME
4:30-6:00 PROJECT TIME – art projects, structured free play, outdoors play, and pick-up

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