Become a Leader in Service

The Center for Community-Based Learning offers the perfect place to develop your leadership style.

While engaged in community service or service-learning, you will come to understand new things about yourself, your community, and interpersonal relationships. You will be faced with difficult decisions that will train you to trust your instincts. You will be challenged and inspired to believe that the hard work of a few can truly create positive change.

Each of our programs affords interested, qualified students opportunities to take on leadership positions.

Here are just a few of the positions we offer:

PACES Site Coordinators: supervise peers on-site at the youth serving organizations where mentoring and tutoring takes place. Coordinators receive additional training, role model excellent mentoringand tutoring skills, and serve as the main line of communication between the Partnership site and Lasell. These are paid positions open to students that have worked as Mentor-Tutors in the program.

Club President/Officer: several community-service based clubs now exist (Barry Price Center Mentoring, Fashion & Service Society, Habitat for Humanity, and Hope for Humanity), and all were created by students to bring together people with the same interests and concerns.  Many leadership positions exist within these clubs.  Begin by joining a club as a general member and attend the meetings regularly, or create your own by talking with CCBL Staff and the Office of Student Activities.

Blood Drive Coordinator: communicates with the America Red Cross to host a blood drive each semester on campus. They recruit volunteers, select room and date, manage donor appointments and supervise sign-ins and clean-up on the day of.

CCBL Ambassadors: work at the CCBL to support the multitude of service programs we run. These are paid positions, and are usually hired based on previous involvement in community service and the CCBL.

Community Partner Liaison: individuals who are interested in helping us build a partnership with a local nonprofit. Liaisons have usually volunteered at the nonprofit, or are very passionate about the mission of the nonprofit. Their work could be based at an office, or could be done from campus, like organizing a team for a fundraising walk. This type of work could easily qualify for a Linked Credit.

We encourage our students to take advantage of campus leadership training programs, like those offered by the Office of Student Activities.