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Laser Search

Introducing LaserSearch! This powerful discovery tool provides one-stop-shopping search capacity for the Brennan Library's thousands of online article databases, books, DVDs, e-books and more. Use LaserSearch to find scholarly articles for a paper, the latest newspaper content, research guides custom-built by our own Librarians, streaming video documentaries, and much more. Now more than ever, navigate the Library 24/7/365, from anywhere, on any device!

Coming soon to LaserSearch:

  • Easier navigation and improved results based on YOUR feedback. In the spring look out for a User Experience survey we will send out to determine how YOU want LaserSearch to look and function!
  • Perhaps, a mascot?! The Graphic Design League is helping to come up with a LaserSearch logo and maybe a buddy- a wise owl? A laser-weilding lemur? Stay tuned to see what they create!