Recent Acquisitions

051.082 W15s 2000 Walker, Nancy A. Shaping our mothers' world : American women's magazines.
070.4 P27i 2013 Patterson, Thomas E. Informing the news : the need for knowledge-based journalism.
070.4499 R49c 2012 Risley, Ford. Civil war journalism.
070.9 EL2c 2011 Eldridge, Lawrence A Chronicles of a two-front war : civil rights and Vietnam in the African American press.
071.3 M55c 2010 Mersey, Rachel Davis Can journalism be saved? : rediscovering America's appetite for news
155.9 L75n 2012 Living in an environmentally traumatized world : healing ourselves and our planet
174 C42j 2010 Just a job? : communication, ethics, and professional life
174.3 W48L 2010 Wendel, W. Bradley Lawyers and fidelity to law
174.4 Sa1s 2012 Shaw, Lisa (editor). SAGE brief guide to marketing ethics.
179.7 R72d 2012 Rosen, Michael Dignity : its history and meaning
201.723 R27w Religion and human rights : an introduction
277.3083 B56p 2012 Price, Emmett G. (ed Black church and hip hop culture : toward bridging the generational divide.
278 L99n Lynch, John. New worlds : a religious history of Latin America.
302.343 B34s 2013 Bazelon, Emily. Sticks and stones : defeating the culture of bullying and rediscovering the power of character and empathy
303.4 G29f c.2 Gore, Albert The future : six drivers of global change
303.7056 As2k 2010 Ascher, William. Knowledge and environmental policy : re-imagining the boundaries of science and politics.
304.2 Am3L 2007 Lewis, Michael (edit American wilderness : a new history.
304.873 B63i Boehm, Deborah A. Intimate migrations : gender, family, and illegality among transnationalMexicans
305 K12s 2004 Kallen, Evelyn. Social inequality and social injustice : a human rights perspective
305 Se6s 2011 Sernau, Scott. Social inequality in a global age.
305.23 P76r 2001 Pollack, William S. Real boys' voices
305.2309 C43m 2007 Children in colonial America
305.2309 Sm1w Small worlds : children & adolescents in America, 1850-1950
305.242 Ag3b 2012 Bennett, Andy (edito Ageing and youth culture : music, style and identity.
305.42 Un2w 2012 The unfinished revolution : voices from the global fight for women's rights
305.4889 K66b 2013 Klapper, Melissa R. Ballots, babies, and banners of peace : American Jewish women's activism,1890-1940.
305.56 P68c 2012 Pittenger, Mark. Class unknown : undercover investigations of American work and poverty from the progressive era to the present.
305.5692 H87i 2012 Huey, Laura. Invisible victims : homelessness and the growing security gap.
305.8 Y1L 2012 Yancy, George. Look, a white! philosophical essays on whiteness.
305.868 R74r 2012 Roth, Wendy D. Race migrations : Latinos and the cultural transformation of race.
305.8916 B27i 2012 Barrett, James R. The Irish way : becoming American in the multiethnic city
305.895 C45a 2012 Chou, Rosalind S. Asian American sexual politics : the construction of race, gender, and sexuality
305.8956 Ot6a 2010 Otowa, Rebecca. At home in Japan : a foreign woman's journey of discovery
305.896 M27a 2012 Magee, Carol. Africa in the American imagination : popular culture, radicalized identities, and African visual culture.
306.362 B45c 2007 Bergad, Laird W. The comparative histories of slavery in Brazil, Cuba, and the United States
306.362 H78d 2007 Horne, Gerald. Deepest South : the United States, Brazil, and the African slave trade.
306.362 W17t 2008 Walvin, James. The trader, the owner, the slave : parallel lives in the age of slavery
306.766 B78q 2011 Bronski, Michael. A queer history of the United States
306.859 EL5g Eller, Cynthia. Gentlemen and Amazons : the myth of matriarchal prehistory, 1861-1900.
307.1216 Sp3w 2012 Speck, Jeff. Walkable city : how downtown can save America, one step at a time
307.76 W67g 2012 Williams, Donald C. Global urban growth : a reference handbook
320.9172 B78f 2012 Brock, Lothar. Fragile states : violence and the failure of intervention.
320.98 Sm6d Smith, Peter H. Democracy in Latin America : political change in comparative perspective.
322.42 V79r 2011 Vinyard, JoEllen McN Right in Michigan's grassroots : from the KKK to the Michigan militia.
323.3264 St7g 2012 Stone, Amy L. Gay rights at the ballot box
325.341 B77a 2009 The British Atlantic world, 1500-1800
327.7307 C67b 2011 Colby, Jason M. Business of empire : United Fruit, race, and U.S. expansion in Central America.
331.133 D46p 2012 Deslippe, Dennis. Protesting affirmative action : the struggle over equality after the civil rights revolution.
331.25 T56 2007 Today workers bear the cross.
331.31 C43 2006 Child labor is back : children are again sewing clothing for major U.S. companies.
331.31 H26 2007 Harvest of shame : children in Guatemala harvest and process vegetables and fruit exported to school children in the U.S.
331.4 B45s 2012 Berebitsky, Julie. Sex and the office : a history of gender, power, and desire
331.4 D18f 2011 Damaske, Sarah. For the family? : how class and gender shape women's work
331.44 W84j 2012 Women who opt out : the debate over working mothers and work-family balance
332.4973 Om1f 2012 O'Malley, Michael. Face value : the entwined histories of money and race in America.
333.7 Sp3b 2008 Speth, James Gustave The bridge at the edge of the world : capitalism, the environment, and crossing from crisis to sustainability
333.7 Sp3g 2006 Speth, James Gustave Global environmental governance.
333.7202 D36g 2010 Deitche, Scott M. Green collar jobs : environmental careers for the 21st century
333.794 C54g 2012 Clark, Woodrow W. Global energy innovation : why America must lead
333.92 V44w Vasi, Ion Bogdan. Winds of change : the environmental movement and the global development of the wind energy industry.
338.1737 H53c 2012 Higgs, Catherine. Chocolate islands : cocoa, slavery, and colonial Africa
338.19 F73i 2010 Ingram, John (editor Food security and global environmental change.
338.4768 B38r 2012 The beautiful and the good : reasons for sustainable fashion
338.4768 Os4m 2012 O'Shea, Covadonga. Man from Zara : the story of the genius behind the Inditex group.
338.4768 Z6w 2012 Ziegler, Mel. Wild company : the untold story of Banana Republic
338.4774 F26e 2012 Entwistle, Joanne (e Fashioning models : image, text and industry.
340.092 M19r 2012 Mack, Kenneth Walter Representing the race : the creation of the civil rights lawyer
341.4 Su8e 1994 Susskind, Lawrence E Environmental diplomacy : negotiating more effective global agreements.
341.584 F69t Foley, Conor. Thin blue line : how humanitarianism went to war.
342.0853 P61b 2012 Piety, Tamara R. Brandishing the first amendment : commercial expression in America.
342.087 C22f 2012 Carpenter, Dale Flagrant conduct : the story of Lawrence v. Texas : how a bedroom arrestdecriminalized gay Americans
344.046 M33m 2011 Marion, Nancy E. Making environmental law : the politics of protecting the earth.
344.0796 G82b 2012 Green, Steven K. (St The Bible, the school, and the Constitution : the clash that shaped the modern church-state doctrine
344.7301 G16m 2012 Garcia, Ruben J. Marginal workers : how legal fault lines divide workers and leave them without protection
346.015 G91i 2011 Grossman, Joanna L. Inside the castle : law and the family in 20th century America
346.048 H91o 2012 Hunter, Dan. Oxford introductions to U.S. law : intellectual property.
346.7302 C91c 2012 Cunningham, Lawrence Contracts in the real world : stories of popular contracts and why they matter.
361.765 B64s 2010 Bornstein, David. Social entrepreneurship : what everyone needs to know
362.1097 B75L 2012 Breslaw, Elaine G. Lotions, potions, pills, and magic : health care in early America
362.1097 B79r 2012 Brotherton, Pierre S Revolutionary medicine : health and the body in post-Soviet Cuba
362.1968 Ob6h 2003 O'Brien, Mark How I became a human being : a disabled man's quest for independence
362.21 B62t Bly, Nellie. Ten days in a mad house.
362.734 B76s 2012 Briggs, Laura. Somebody's children : the politics of transracial and transnational adoption.
362.951 H86m 2012 Huang, Hua-Lun The missing girls and women of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan : a sociological study of infanticide, forced prostitution, political imprisonment, "ghost brides," runaways, and thrownaways, 1900-2000s
363.0972 Sa1p 2012 Sabet, Daniel M. Police reform in Mexico : informal politics and the challenge of institutional change.
363.1251 L56o 2011 Lerner, Barron H. One for the road : drunk driving since 1900
363.2086 C72g 2012 Colvin, Roddrick A. Gay and lesbian cops : diversity and effective policing.
363.325 D22s Daniels, Christopher Somali piracy and terrorism in the horn of Africa.
363.45 B88b 2012 Bunck, Julie Marie. Bribes, bullets, and intimidation : drug trafficking and the law in Central America.
363.4509 C15h 2012 Campos, Isaac. Home grown : marijuana and the origins of Mexico's war on drugs
363.7 B73w Brauer, Jurgen. War and nature : the environmental consequences of war in a globalized world.
363.7 En8c 2011 Carmin, JoAnn (edito Environmental inequalities beyond borders : local perspectives on globalinjustices.
363.7 G51d 2008 Global environmental challenges : perspectives from the South
363.7 L61c 2011 Liddick, Donald R. Crimes against nature : illegal industries and the global environment.
363.7056 C24p 2007 Carter, Neil. Politics of the environment : ideas, activism, policy.
363.7056 En8m 2010 Maniates, Michael (e Environmental politics of sacrifice.
363.7387 C61b 2012 Baker, Judy L. (edit Climate change, disaster risk, and the urban poor : cities building resilience for a changing world.
363.7387 L66s 2012 Lipow, Gar W. Solving the climate crisis through social change : public investment in social prosperity to cool a fevered planet.
364.106 V55g 2008 Venkatesh, Sudhir Al Gang leader for a day : a rogue sociologist takes to the streets
364.152 Ag3t 2008 There is a gunman on campus : tragedy and terror at Virginia Tech
364.153 W89i 2012 Wortley, Richard. Internet child pornography : causes, investigation, and prevention
364.1633 C79i 2012 Copes, Heith. Identity thieves : motives and methods
364.36 M56g 2012 Messerschmidt, James Gender, heterosexuality, and youth violence : the struggle for recognition.
364.66 W52L 2012 Westervelt, Saundra Life after death row : exonerees' search for community and identity.
365.43 K45o 2011 Kerman, Piper. Orange is the new black : my year in a women's prison
365.6089 P45i 2012 Pettit, Becky Invisible men : mass incarceration and the myth of Black progress
365.973 B91t 2012 Tarter, Michele Lise Buried lives : incarcerated in early America.
370.9173 D98e 2012 Dye, Angela. Empowerment starts here : the seven principles to empowering urban youth
371.33 R31m 2011 Marshall, Elizabeth Rethinking popular culture and media.
371.404 Su7r 2013 Rossen, Eric (editor Supporting and educating traumatized students : a guide for school-basedprofessionals.
371.58 R52h 2011 Rivers, Ian. Homophobic bullying : research and theoretical perspectives
378.015 G62p 2011 Goodman, Diane J. Promoting diversity and social justice : educating people from privileged groups.
378.015 In8b 2011 Bringle, Robert G. ( International service learning : conceptual frameworks and research.
378.1982 Un4d 2012 Unlikely allies in the academy : women of color and white women in conversation
379.26 D38m Delpit, Lisa D. "Multiplication is for white people" : raising expectations for other people's children
391 St1w 2013 Stall-Meadows, Celia Why would anyone wear that? fascinating fashion facts.
391.009 B63p 2013 Bolton, Andrew Punk : chaos to couture
391.009 T63su 2010 c.2 Tortora, Phyllis G. Survey of historic costume : study guide
391.009 W59h 2013 Whitley, Lauren D. Hippie chic
391.0093 C62c 2005 The clothed body in the ancient world
391.0093 H81a 2002 Houston, Mary G. (Ma Ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian & Persian costume
391.0094 P21s 2012 Saillard, Olivier (e Paris haute couture.
391.0097 B32e 1986 Baumgarten, Linda. Eighteenth-century clothing at Williamsburg
391.04 Sh2f 2013 Sharf, Frederic A. Fashionable nurse : a study of stylish professional dressing, 1910-1970.
391.2 F26t 2012 Tarrant, Shira (edit Fashion talks : undressing the power of style.
391.4 Sch5s 2012 Schmidt, Christine. Swimsuit : fashion from poolside to catwalk.
391.413 St3s 2012 Steele, Valerie. Shoe obsession.
391.475 T14s 2013 Talbot, Stephanie. Slogan t-shirts : cult and culture.
392.54 Y8b 2012 York, Kathleen. Bridal fashion 1900-1950.
394.1 M66t 1996 Mintz, Sidney Wilfre Tasting food, tasting freedom : excursions into eating, culture, and thepast
394.6 R82w 2012 Rubin, Rachel. Well met : Renaissance faires and the American counterculture
428.4 Sch6r 2012 Schoenbach, Ruth. Reading for understanding : how reading apprenticeship improves disciplinary learning in secondary and college classrooms.
500 B46 The best American science and nature writing.
509 P21v Park, Robert L. Voodoo science : the road from foolishness to fraud
535.609 F49c 2004 Finlay, Victoria. Color : a natural history of the palette
616.238 Sh3a 2011 Sheen, Barbara. Asthma
616.344 AL5c 2012 Allman, Toney. Crohn's disease
616.3623 Ab8h 2011 Abramovitz, Melissa. Hepatitis.
616.742 Ab8f 2011 Abramovitz, Melissa Fibromyalgia
616.8583 L48s 2012 Leavitt, Judith. Sexual alarm system : women's unwanted response to sexual intimacy and how to overcome it.
616.8583 Sm5w 2012 Smith, Charlene. Whispers on my skin : rediscovering intimate touch after trauma.
633 V46n 2009 Vaughan, J. G. (John The new Oxford book of food plants
658 D84m c.2 Drucker, Peter F. (P Management challenges for the 21st century
658 D84ma 2009 Drucker, Peter F. Managing in a time of great change.
658.048 K13m 2012 Kanter, Beth Measuring the networked nonprofit : using data to change the world
658.3145 D83s 2012 Dromm, Keith. Sexual harassment : an introduction to the conceptual and ethical issues.
658.406 K84L 2012 Kotter, John P. Leading change.
658.8342 G28o 2012 Otnes, Cele C. (edit Gender, culture, and consumer behavior.
677.617 C73t 2012 Combes, Monique. Terry cloth.
686.22 L51w 2011 Lee, Ji. Word as image
687.023 F12c 2012 Faerm, Steven. Creating a successful fashion collection
687.023 Y2f 2011 c.2 Yates, Julia. The fashion careers guidebook
687.042 N14p 2010 c.2 Nakamichi, Tomoko. Pattern magic
687.042 Sa8d 2012 Sato, Hisako. Drape drape
687.042 Sa8d 2013 Sato, Hisako. Drape drape 3.
687.068 C62r 2013 Clodfelter, Richard. Retail buying : from basics to fashion.
687.068 Ea7m 2013 Merchandising mathematics for retailing
687.068 M78f 2012 Moore, Gwyneth. Fashion promotion : building a brand through marketing and communication.
687.068 T83f 2012 Tungate, Mark. Fashion brands : branding style from Armani to Zara.
701.85 Ei8p 2011 Eiseman, Leatrice. Pantone : the 20th century in color
704.9482 F38s Ferguson, George Signs & symbols in Christian art
704.9495 P94d 2009 Prodger, Phillip. Darwin's camera : art and photography in the theory of evolution
741.59 F49s 2004 Fingeroth, Danny. Superman on the couch : what superheroes really tell us about ourselves and our society
741.59 J56e 2010 Jimenez, Phil. The essential Wonder Woman encyclopedia : [the ultimate guide to the Amazon princess]
741.59 P95r 2008 The psychology of superheroes : an unauthorized exploration
741.59 R72w 2012 Rosenberg, Robin S. What's the matter with Batman? : an unauthorized clinical look under themask of the Caped Crusader
741.6 H36s 2006 Heller, Steven. Stylepedia : a guide to graphic design mannerisms, quirks, and conceits
741.672 M61d 2012 Miller, Steven Thoma Drawing fashion accessories.
746 G65t 2011 Gordon, Beverly. Textiles : the whole story : uses, meanings, significance
746.92 Ar5yp Potvin, John. Giorgio Armani : empire of the senses.
746.92 As6f 2009 Aspelund, Karl. Fashioning society : a hundred years of haute couture by six designers
746.92 D56f 2013 Dieffenbacher, Fiona Fashion thinking : required reading range course reader.
746.92 G86 Gres, Alix Madame Gres : sculptural fashion.
746.92 Sp1 2012 Kate Spade New York : things we love.
746.92 T71yd 2013 Davies, Kevin. Philip Treacy
746.9202 OL3s 2012 Oliver, William. Style feed : the world's top fashion blogs.
781.66 C73r 2009 Comfort, David. The rock & roll book of the dead : the fatal journeys of rock's seven immortals
791.4301 G51g 2010 Global art cinema : new theories and histories
791.4302 M75n 2012 Nickens, Christopher Marilyn in fashion : the enduring influence of Marilyn Monroe
791.4307 G56r 2001 Golden, John. Reading in the dark : using film as a tool in the English classroom.
791.4365 M28m 2006 Mainon, Dominique. Modern Amazons : warrior women on screen
791.4366 G87r 2009 Griep, Mark. Reaction! : chemistry in the movies
791.4372 B76d 2012 Bridges, Jeff The Dude and the Zen master
791.4372 St6d 2007 Stokes, Melvyn. D. W. Griffith's The birth of a nation : a history of "the most controversial motion picture of all time"
791.456 Ed9t 2013 Edwards, Leigh H. The triumph of reality TV : the revolution in American television
792.01 W86n Woodruff, Paul The necessity of theater : the art of watching and being watched
792.026 F39h 2006 Fernald, Mary. Historic costumes and how to make them
792.8 B38f Beaumont, Cyril W. ( Five centuries of ballet design [by] Cyril W. Beaumont ...
796.8309 W17b 2011 Waltzer, Jim. Battle of the century : Dempsey, Carpentier, and the birth of modern promotion.
808.066 B41w 2009 Belcher, Wendy Laura Writing your journal article in 12 weeks : a guide to academic publishing success
808.3 F69 The best American short stories.
808.3 Oh2 The O. Henry prize stories.
811.54 B59L 2012 Blanco, Richard Looking for the Gulf Motel
812 M61ymu 2011 Arthur Miller
813 H31yLy 2010 Nathaniel Hawthorne
813.54 M83yi 2010 Toni Morrison
813.54 W15yw 2013 Alice Walker
814.3 Em3s 1993 Emerson, Ralph Waldo Self-reliance, and other essays
817 T91yr 2011 Mark Twain
822.3308 B31s 2013 Bates, Laura, author Shakespeare saved my life
907.202 M28n 2013 Nadell, Pamela S. (e Making women's histories : beyond national perspectives.
914.94 L84s Discover Switzerland.
915.1 L84c Discover China.
917.282 L84b Belize.
920.7208 L34r 2005 Ruiz, Vicki L. (edit Latina legacies : identity, biography, and community.
949.7103 K84b 2013 Berlatsky, Noah (edi Kosovo.
951.05 P39h 2013 Hay, Jeff (editor). People's Republic of China.
954.9205 Ea7b 2013 Berlatsky, Noah (edi East Pakistan.
956.053 K96b 2013 The Kurds
959.6042 C14h 2013 Hay, Jeff (editor). Cambodia.
972.8405 Si3e 2011 Silber, Irina Carlot Everyday revolutionaries : gender, violence, and disillusionment in postwar El Salvador.
973.0496 W67t 2012 Williams, Kidada E. They left great marks on me : African American testimonies of racial violence from emancipation to world war i.
973.0497 Si2p 2001 Sifters : Native American women's lives
973.7083 C43m 2012 Children and youth during the Civil War era
973.927 L99c 2011 Lynch, Edward A. Cold war's last battlefield : Reagan, the Soviets, and Central America.
973.932 Sm6b 2012 Smith, Terry. Barack Obama, post-racialism, and the new politics of triangulation.
974.461 On2r 2012 O'Neill, Gerard. Rogues and redeemers : when politics was king in Irish Boston
B B295f Fretz, Eric. Jean-Michel Basquiat : a biography
B K381ke Keogh, Pamela Clarke Jackiestyle
B R52a Aguilar-Moreno, Manu Diego Rivera : a biography.
B Y85 Yousafzai, Malala I am Malala : the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban
FICTION Baker Baker, Jo. Longbourn
FICTION Balson Balson, Ronald H. Once we were brothers
FICTION Galbraith Galbraith, Robert. The cuckoo's calling
FICTION Grisham Grisham, John. The racketeer : a novel
FICTION Grisham Grisham, John. Sycamore row
FICTION Martin Martin, George R. R. Storm of swords : book three of a song of ice and fire.
CURR 372.35 C35m Gr.K-4 KIT Measure for treasure : volume kit.
CURR 372.623 D71t Gr.K-6 Don't forget to write for the elementary grades : 50 enthralling and effective writing lessons : ages 5 to 12
CURR 372.7 G29 Gr.ELEM KIT Geoboard kit.
CURR 372.7044 P81 Gr.ELEM KIT Popcubes.
j ALMOND Almond, David The boy who swam with piranhas
j BEAN Bean, Jonathan Big snow
j CROWDER Crowder, Melanie. Parched
j DURAND Durand, Hallie. Mitchell goes bowling
j FLETCHER Fletcher, Susan Falcon in the glass : a novel
j FRENCH French, Vivian, auth The music of zombies
j HOURAN Houran, Lori Haskins Diary of a worm : teacher's pet
j JAMES James, Simon Nurse Clementine
j KERRIN Kerrin, Jessica Scot The spotted dog last seen
j LIN Lin, Grace. Ling & Ting share a birthday
j MILLS Mills, Claudia. Kelsey Green, reading queen
j PARK Park, Linda Sue. Xander's panda party
j PARRY Parry, Rosanne. Written in stone
j POLACCO Polacco, Patricia. The art of Miss Chew
j POLACCO Polacco, Patricia. The blessing cup
j POLACCO Polacco, Patricia. Bully
j POLACCO Polacco, Patricia. Bun Bun Button
j POLACCO Polacco, Patricia. Just in time, Abraham Lincoln
j PULVER Pulver, Robin. Saturday is Dadurday
j RHODES Rhodes, Jewell Parke Sugar
j TOBIN Tobin, James The very inappropriate word
AV 142.78 NOEX Solomon, Robert C. No excuses [videorecording] : existentialism and the meaning of life
AV 155.4 UPSF 56 up [videorecording].
AV 307.76 GAIN Gaining ground [videorecording] : building community on Dudley Street
AV 307.76 HOLD Holding ground [videorecording] : the rebirth of Dudley Street
AV 325.1 CAMI La Caminata [videorecording] = The journey
AV 331 TRAB Courtney, Heather. Los trabajadores [videorecording] = The workers
AV 355.0082 INVI The invisible war [videorecording]
AV 362.1783 SPER Sperm donor X [videorecording] : a different conception
AV 363.25 TRAI Murray, Elizabeth A. Trails of evidence [videorecording] : how forensic science works
AV 364.1532 CENT The Central Park five [videorecording]
AV 391.44 PROJ seas.1 Project Accessory [video recording] : season one.
AV 394.25 BYIN By invitation only [videorecording].
AV 613.71 INSA Insanity : 60-day total-body conditioning program [videorecording].
AV 659.1 GREA POM Wonderful presents The greatest movie ever sold [videorecording]
AV 796 THIR v.1 Kings ransom [videorecording] ; The band that wouldn't die ; Small potatoes : who killed the USFL?
AV 796 THIR v.2 Muhammad and Larry [videorecording] ; Without Bias ; The legend of Jimmythe Greek
AV 796 THIR v.3 The U [videorecording] ; Winning time
AV 796 THIR v.4 Guru of go [videorecording] ; No crossover
AV 796 THIR v.5 Silly little game [videorecording] ; Run Ricky run ; The 16th man
AV 796 THIR v.6 Straight outta L.A. [videorecording] ; June 17th, 1994
AV 929.2 EMAN Emancipating history : [A family's racial legacy : A genogram journey ofElaine Pinderhughes.].
AV 940.5421 GHOS The ghost army [videorecording].
AV 956.7044 STAN Standard operating procedure [videorecording]
AV FICTION The adventures of Elmo in Grouchland [videorecording] ; Thomas and the magic railroad.
AV FICTION American horror story. The complete second season [videorecording].
AV FICTION The anniversary party [videorecording]
AV FICTION The bling ring [videorecording]
AV FICTION Conjuring [videorecording].
AV FICTION Corpse vanishes [videorecording].
AV FICTION The Croods [videorecording]
AV FICTION Design for living [videorecording]
AV FICTION Devil bat [videorecording].
AV FICTION Disconnect [videorecording]
AV FICTION The East [videorecording]
AV FICTION The fast and the furious [videorecording]
AV FICTION Friends. The complete eighth season [videorecording].
AV FICTION Friends. The complete fifth season [videorecording]
AV FICTION Friends. The complete first season [videorecording]
AV FICTION Friends. The complete fourth season [videorecording]
AV FICTION Friends. The complete ninth season [videorecording].
AV FICTION Friends. The complete second season [videorecording].
AV FICTION Friends. The complete seventh season [videorecording]
AV FICTION Friends. The complete sixth season [videorecording]
AV FICTION Friends. The complete third season [videorecording]
AV FICTION The frozen ground [videorecording]
AV FICTION Gandhi [videorecording]
AV FICTION The heat [videorecording]
AV FICTION His girl Friday : my dear secretary [videorecording].
AV FICTION House of cards. The complete first season [videorecording]
AV FICTION Human monster [videorecording].
AV FICTION Indigenes [videorecording] = Days of glory
AV FICTION Near dark [videorecording]
AV FICTION The purge [videorecording]
AV FICTION Rites of passage [videorecording]
AV FICTION Seance [videorecording]
AV FICTION Shadow dancer [videorecording]
AV FICTION To kill a mockingbird [videorecording]
AV FICTION Whale rider [videorecording]
AV FICTION What Maisie knew [videorecording]
AV FICTION White zombie [videorecording].
AV FICTION disc 1-2, episode 1-7 Breaking bad. The complete second season [videorecording]
AV FICTION discs 1-2, episodes 1-6 Breaking bad. The fifth season [videorecording]
AV FICTION discs 1-2, episodes 1-7 Breaking bad. The complete fourth season [videorecording]
AV FICTION discs 1-2, episodes 1-7 Breaking bad. The complete third season [videorecording]
R 328.73 AL6 The Almanac of American politics.

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