Undergraduate Academic Policies

Academic Commencement Awards

Academic Dishonesty

Academic Probation

Academic Standards

Academic Suspension

Academic Warning

Class Attendance Policy

College Calendar

The College Calendar is the official schedule for all courses, vacations, holidays, breaks, and final examinations. All students are expected to be in attendance and to take their final examinations as indicated on the College Calendar. Students who leave the campus before the official end of each semester, who return to the campus late after breaks, or who take additional “time off” during the semester do so at their own risk.

College Withdrawal

Credit by Examination Policy

Final Examinations

Graduation Requirements

Graduation and Retention Rates

Leave of Absence

Major, Minor, and Internship Requirements


Student Confidentiality

Military Leave During a Semester

Student’s Responsibility

Title II Report


Undergraduate Grading and Academic Credit Policies

Undergraduate Academic Grievance Process