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Class Attendance Policy

The College expects students to attend classes and assigned out-of-class events. Attendance is taken in every class. The College does not, however, set specific guidelines regarding procedures and penalties for absences. Instead, each faculty member sets his/her own guidelines as deemed appropriate for each learning experience. Instructors will distribute their specific course attendance policies as a part of the course syllabus during the first week of classes. Students have the responsibility of knowing these attendance policies.

The serious student assumes the responsibility of attending every class and assigned out-of-class event.

The instructor should not penalize a student for class or assigned out-of-class event absence as long as there is a legitimate reason for the absence. The term “absence” refers to failure to attend all or part of a class session or assigned out-of-class event, as defined by the instructor’s class attendance policy. Students who are granted an excused absence should be provided, within reason, an opportunity to make up missed work. Legitimate reasons for absence include, but are not necessarily limited to, illness, family emergency, observance of major religious holidays, participation in official college events or trips, or, in the case of an assigned out-of-class event, overlap in time with other courses in the student schedule, or participation in scheduled meetings of officially recognized college organizations.

In most cases, including any reason for an excused absence that the student knows about in advance of missing class, it is the responsibility of the student to make prior arrangements with their professors to make up any missed work or assignments. The student should be communicating with the professor as soon as the need to miss a class is known – that is, as far in advance of the class session as possible.

The instructor may require that a student submit appropriate documentation for any excused absence. Appeals can be directed to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Late Class Start Policy
Students and instructors are expected to arrive at their class by the official start time of the class. In the event the instructor is delayed, students are required to wait a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes beyond the official start-time of the class before leaving.

Class Cancellation
In the event a class meeting must be cancelled, the instructor calls or sends and e-mail to the Registrar’s Office, and staff in the Registrar’s Office will send a text message and e-mail notice to students. Instructors need to communicate class meeting cancellations with their Department Chair prior to or simultaneously with their communication to the Registrar’s Office.

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