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Undergraduate Academic Grievance Process

The Academic Grievance Process provides students with a mechanism to appeal faculty actions related to the process of instruction and evaluation of academic performance or other academic matters pertinent to the teacher-student relationship. In filing a grievance, it is understood that the student believes his/her interests as a student have been adversely affected by someone’s departure from or misinterpretation of existing academic policy. (The College reserves the right to establish academic standards and the necessary policies to support them. Consequently, there may be no academic grievance of the contents of published Academic Policies established by the College, including those of individual Academic Programs and individual instructors.)

Informal Conciliation
A student wishing to alter or reverse any academic action must first attempt to resolve the matter informally and expeditiously. The student shall contact the faculty member within seven (7) calendar days of the action in question to schedule an appointment (in cases where the dispute is over a grade for an assignment or test, or a final course grade, “action in question” shall refer to the date of receipt of the grade). The student is expected to present his/her concerns and to weigh the faculty member’s response. If not resolved, the student may discuss the matter with the faculty member’s Department Chair. If the student’s complaint is with the Department Chair, then he/she may discuss the matter with Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA).

If no resolution is reached, the student may begin the Formal Grievance Process. In any event, if the matter is not resolved, any formal grievance must be filed within twenty-one (21) calendar days of the action in question.

If the issue under dispute impacts the student’s ability to register for a course or courses in a subsequent semester, a determination of an exception to existing policy will be made by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Formal Grievance Process
If no resolution is reached, the student may begin the Formal Grievance Process — which must be filed within twenty-one (21) calendar days of the action in question (hence, the informal conciliation process has occurred within this overall time period). Procedures for filing a Grievance may be obtained in the Office for Academic Affairs.

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