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A student experiencing medical or personal difficulties due to extenuating circumstances may request a Leave of Absence in writing from the Dean of Advising and First Year Programs at any time during the semester for the remaining part of the semester. Students must be in good standing throughout the College. As with any change of status, a student should consult appropriate personnel including the academic advisor, the Office of Student Financial Planning, and Student Accounts to learn how a leave may impact the student’s return.

Before returning to the College after a Leave of Absence, the student must notify the Office of the Registrar in writing. If necessary, a written request can be made to the Dean of Advising and First Year Programs to extend the Leave of Absence for one semester. The Dean of Advising and First Year Programs will notify the student and the Registrar in writing of the decision to extend the leave within one week. If the Leave of Absence is granted under emergency conditions, a separate protocol for return is required by the College.

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