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All Lasell College students complete 51 credits in the Core Curriculum, and the core student learning outcomes are integrated within the majors. All students continue to build competencies in writing through writing-intensive courses in each major and in oral communication in FYS and through presentation-intensive courses in each major. Computer literacy develops through assignments and projects utilizing information technology across the curriculum, As part of Lasell's commitment to civic responsibility, students typically engage in service-learning as part of their core curriculum and / or through their majors.

Core courses include the following:

First Year Seminar: FYS 103 or for Honors students, HON 101 (3 credits)
Students are required to register for FYS 103 or HON 101 in their first semester at Lasell.

Writing: ENG 101/102 (6 credits)
All incoming students must be enrolled in an English writing course in each of their first two semesters at Lasell College (allowing for exceptions based upon transfer credit). Students must receive a grade of "C" or higher in order to pass these courses.

Any students who have not completed the English writing requirement at the conclusion of their third semester at the College are required to enroll in a course to complete that requirement in their fourth semester. The registrar will place an enrollment hold on those students who do not do so.

Any students who have not completed the English writing requirement at the conclusion of their fourth semester at the College will be placed on academic probation.

Quantitative Reasoning: MATH 106 (3 credits)
MATH 106 provides all students with a foundation in mathematical reasoning and problem solving. Each major designates an additional course to satisfy the quantitative reasoning competency. Students are strongly encouraged to complete MATH 106 in their first semester at Lasell College. This course is the prerequisite course for most other MATH courses.

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