Undergraduate Academic Policies

Academic Commencement Awards

Baccalaureate Level
Full-time students at Lasell College with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher are eligible for special recognition at commencement.

Specific designations include:
cum laude: 3.5-3.69
magna cum laude: 3.7-3.89
summa cum laude: 3.90

Lasell Chair
The Lasell Chair is awarded annually to a student at the baccalaureate level. The award is based upon an extraordinary level of commitment to the Lasell College campus community throughout the recipient's Lasell career, as evidenced in the quality of service and participation, and in the cumulative, positive impact that his/her presence has had at the College.

Lasell College Book Awards
At the end of each academic year, Academic Departments select graduating Seniors to be honored with Book Awards. These awards (a gift of a book within each student's major) are given in recognition of a demonstrated commitment to excellence at Lasell College. The recipients are judged to be models for their fellow students in professional demeanor, academic achievement, maturity, perseverance, and collegiality. The Book Awards are presented at a special ceremony held Commencement weekend.

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