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The Lasell College Center for Community-Based Learning provides support and opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and community organizations to engage in mutually beneficial projects to help drive the College's mission of civic engagement. Community involvement deepens academic learning; promotes values of citizenship; provides practical, project-focused experience; and develops initiatives that make a direct and lasting contribution to local communities and society. The Center works with students and faculty to design and implement community service-learning projects as an integral component of the connected learning philosophy at Lasell College, and the Center provides service leadership training across campus to help students increase their communication effectiveness, understanding of diversity, self-awareness, accountability, and ability to meet challenges with creativity and resourcefulness.

Students and faculty engage in a wide range of service including: tutoring in public schools, supporting agencies serving victims of domestic violence; providing tax assistance for Greater Boston residents; building and/or renovating low-income homes in the United States and Mexico; becoming stewards of the environment both locally and in Ecuador; mentoring underserved youth; providing service through fashion; visiting with the elderly; promoting voter registration; and raising awareness and resources for pressing local and global issues such as health pandemics, poverty, and natural disasters. Important on-going programs include: literacy and math tutoring (America Reads & Counts), an Alternative Spring Break focused on addressing community needs in a selected state, early college awareness mentoring, and mentoring for children affected by domestic violence.

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