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Study Abroad-International Education

Lasell encourages students to study abroad and/or do internships abroad. Study abroad helps students gain independence, maturity and confidence. It broadens the educational experience through knowledge of another country and culture, and gives a new perspective on the world and on the USA. Study abroad can entail a semester of coursework at a foreign university, an international internship, or international service-learning. Lasell has a home-school tuition model - this means that students studying abroad through one of our affiliate programs are regarded as full-time Lasell students and pay Lasell tuition, fees, room and board. Financial aid is awarded as if the student is full-time and living in residence at Lasell. Because students maintain full-time enrollment, financial aid is portable - including State and Federal aid (excluding work-study), Lasell scholarships such as the Presidential scholarship, Service, Donahue and Leadership scholarships and other institutional aid.

Lasell College students have the option of studying abroad through an affiliate study abroad program that includes over 90 institutions in approximately 40 countries. The Lasell Study Abroad Program recently expanded to include two new partnership programs. The Lasell College/Franklin College partnership provides a unique, one-semester international experience for students at both institutions. Franklin College is located on a hillside above Lugano, Switzerland, the principal city of Switzerland's southernmost Italian-speaking region of Ticino. Located just 45 minutes from Italy's fashion capital of Milan, Franklin College is the perfect location for Lasell students to study a variety of disciplines from a cross-cultural perspective. Franklin College also affords Lasell students with a unique opportunity to participate in a mandatory two-week academic travel program to another country in the world. This is included at no additional cost. The Franklin College academic travel programs allow students to visit an array of places around the globe ranging from the nearby Swiss Alps, to the deserts of Namibia. The program is open to students in all majors, with specially designed opportunities for International Business majors, for Lasell students studying at Franklin. Franklin College students can travel to Lasell to study in a variety of disciplines, with specially designed opportunities in Fashion.

The Lasell College/Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT) partnership provides Lasell students in Business, Communication, Education, Graphic Design, Hospitality, and Sport Management majors with a unique opportunity to directly enroll in an Irish university that, like Lasell, believes that practical experience should be an integral part of the collegiate learning experience. The College has two campuses: the main campus is based in Letterkenny, the commercial hub and largest city in the County Donegal, a region in the Northwest of Ireland that is often seen as being a bastion of Gaelic language and culture. The second, smaller campus, is located in Killybegs, a picturesque fishing town that is also Ireland's premier seaport. It is at this campus that specially designed programs in tourism and culinary studies have been created for Lasell Hospitality and Event Management students. In addition to studying major-specific coursework, students can also choose from a variety of Irish cultural classes such as Irish History & Heritage, Irish Cultural Studies, or Gaelic Language. LYIT students also have the opportunity to travel to Lasell for semester study abroad in all of the above majors.

The typical timing for semester-long study abroad is during the fall semester of the junior year, or the spring semester, if there are compelling reasons (such as fall athletics) why a student cannot go in the fall semester. Study abroad is not allowed during the freshman year or during spring of the student's final semester at the College. Under certain circumstances, students with an exceptional academic record may be allowed to study abroad during their sophomore year, if this better fits the needs of their academic program, and if their academic advisor approves their application. Only students with an overall GPA of 2.5 are allowed to study abroad; several programs abroad require a higher GPA than 2.5. Falling out of good academic standing after applying to a study abroad program renders students ineligible to study abroad, and students must then assume responsibility for any nonrefundable costs that may have been incurred in setting up the experience. Students interested in study abroad should notify their academic advisors to begin academic planning at the end of their freshman year or the start of their sophomore year. Once the student and their academic advisor have determined the general plan for study abroad, the student should meet with the Director of International Services and pick up a Study Abroad application packet. The Office of International Service is located in the Arnow Campus Center on the 2nd Floor in Room 212.

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