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Nancy Lawson Donahue ‘49 Institute for Ethics, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Nancy Lawson Donahue ‘49 Institute for Ethics, Diversity, and Inclusion has as its mission, fostering awareness of the importance of a civil society, and creating sensitivity to the moral dimensions of choices individuals make. To this end, the Institute sponsors forums that not only augment but also transcend, classroom experience. The Institute coordinates and integrates diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in all divisions at Lasell College.

Each Fall, the Donahue Institute hosts a Donahue Distinguished Scholar, who leads discussion in different classes, meets with students and faculty informally and gives a public lecture. Other regular programs such as the "Student Voices" series involve students in panel discussions and debates, and a film series forms the basis for discussion around issues of race, gender and other social themes. Every semester, the Donahue Institute sponsors lectures or debates on various local and global issues such as hunger and genocide, domestic violence, crime, military intervention, and international trade policies. The Donahue Institute also works with students to encourage civic engagement, including voting and student activism. The Donahue Institute collaborates with faculty to provide programming that connects classroom learning to the wider community. Students are actively involved in initiating and planning Donahue-sponsored events.

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