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International service-learning at Lasell College involves credit-bearing coursework coupled with a one to two week community service field experience, working "shoulder-to-shoulder" with community members in another country. Lasell has offered programs in Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, and most recently, in Antigua, Ecuador, Belize, Uganda, and Vietnam.

For the experience in Antigua, students spend time supporting learners with special needs through a one-week pre-practicum experience in three of Antigua’s primary schools. This program is offered during the winter break in partnership with Perkins School for the Blind and was developed in conjunction with the Officer for Special Education for Antigua’s Ministry of Education.

In Ecuador, students participate in Environmental Service Learning. Students have explored the rich culture of Ecuador while helping to protect the country's biologically diverse environment. The trip entails a 10-day on-the-ground study of and service related to the environment in Ecuador.

The Belize experience focuses on ecotourism. Students study a holistic approach to planning and tourism development, reviewing standard industry practices and processes. In May, students travel to Belize to view, research, and participate in a newly developing ecotourism system.

The field experience in Mexico includes individual homestays with Mexican families, intensive manual labor, and reflective intellectual work. The goal of community service in the cities of Coatepec and Orizaba is not to change Mexico, but to learn from Mexicans about Mexico and about the impact of the United States on our neighbors. The classroom experience immerses students in the study of the history, diverse peoples, and cultures of Mexico, and combines research, presentations, and papers with service on campus.

Students traveling to Vietnam study the history and culture of Vietnam in addition to learning about economics and business development in a developing country. The field experience in January includes working with the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation, Project RENEW, and the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi, in cooperation with the Indochina Arts Partnership in Wellesley, Mass.

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