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Course Descriptions - Numbering System

Course Numbers. The numbering system used to identify the course offerings described hereafter is based on a division into the following levels:

100   Introductory courses, survey courses; only courses numbered 101 or higher are counted toward the student's degree, either as requirements or electives
200   Secondary level courses focusing on specific genres or periods, application of theory courses
300   Advanced level courses emphasizing synthesis of information based on broader foundations and applications of knowledge
400   Advanced seminars and baccalaureate degree internships

190   Independent or Directed Study at the 100 level
290   Independent or Directed Study at the 200 level
390   Independent or Directed Study at the 300 level
490   Independent or Directed Study at the 400 level

700   Graduate Course level

Credit values for courses are indicated to the right of the course number.
Students who wish to apply for Independent or Directed Study should consult with the appropriate department chair before April 1 for the following fall semester or December 1 for the following spring semester.

Each course description identifies the prerequisite work a student should have completed before enrolling in the course. In cases of special interest, students may request the permission of the instructor or department chair to enroll in courses for which they have not completed the designated prerequisite.

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