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Limited parking is available for students and students must register their vehicles with the College's Department of Public Safety. Students are expected to abide by those rules governing student and guest vehicles on campus.

Lasell College expects all of its constituents to comply with local, state and federal laws relating to the possession, use and/or distribution of drugs, including alcohol, when they are on College property or taking part in College activities. Students should consult the Undergraduate Student Handbook for specific policies.

Accident and Sickness Insurance
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandates accident and sickness insurance coverage for all students enrolled in at least 9 credits per semester. Lasell College will initially bill all students for the insurance plan. Students who do not wish to purchase the plan may waive the fee by providing proof of enrollment in a plan with comparable coverage.

If you will be enrolled in at least 9 credits and do not wish to purchase the accident and health insurance offered to Lasell students by Koster Insurance, proof of comparable health coverage must be provided. Please visit and complete the Waiver Section. Students who do not submit valid waivers will be automatically enrolled in Koster's plan and are responsible for payment of the associated fee.

Massachusetts legislation requires all students to either receive a meningococcal vaccine or request exemption by returning a waiver form. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health also requires documentation of immunization for graduate students enrolled in 9 or more credits. If you fall into this group of students, you need to have your healthcare provider complete a certificate of immunization. All required forms should be returned to the Health Center at Lasell College. Forms are available at the Health Center and Office of Graduate Admission.

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