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Masters Degree Credit Requirement 
Masters degrees at Lasell College require the completion of 36 graduate credits. Graduate students in our Master of Science degree programs must complete at least 30 graduate credits at Lasell College. Graduate students in these programs can transfer or waive a maximum of 6 credits. 

Graduate students in our Professional MBA program must complete all 36 graduate credits at Lasell College. There is no transfer credit or course waivers allowed in this program.

Transfer Credit Policy
For our Master of Science degree programs only, a maximum of 6 credits of relevant graduate level coursework, taken at an accredited institution may be transferred and applied toward degree requirements under the following conditions:

  • A grade of B or better has been earned
  • Coursework taken prior to enrollment at Lasell was completed within the past seven years at the time of enrollment

Current students who wish to take graduate courses at another institution and transfer the courses into Lasell must request approval from the College before registering for the course(s). (This option is not available to students in our Professional MBA program.)  Students who are considering this must complete the Transfer Credit Approval form. Students are required to obtain all necessary approvals before enrolling in the course.

Grades for courses taken at another institution are not calculated into a student's grade point average.

Course Waiver Policy
Applicants to our Master of Science programs who complete undergraduate majors or minors or take certain courses in Business, Management, Sport Management, Communications or Education may apply to waive up to six credits at the graduate level within these disciplines. Applicants to our Master of Science program in Criminal Justice who complete undergraduate majors or minors in Criminal Justice may apply to waive up to three credits at the graduate level within this discipline.  Please refer to Lasell Master of Science and Master of Education 5th Year Option section of this Catalog for a list of eligible courses.  (This option is not available to applicants to our Professional MBA program.)

Lasell College 5th Year Option
The 5th Year Option at Lasell College allows undergraduate students with high academic standing to earn both their undergraduate and graduate degrees in as little as five years.

Students may qualify to pursue a Master of Education in Elementary Education (M.Ed Elementary), a Master of Education in Moderate Disabilities (M.Ed. Moderate Disabilities), a Master of Science in Criminal Justice, a Master of Science in Communication (MSC),a  Master of Science in Management (MSM), or a Master of Science in Sport Management (MSSM) with approximately one additional year of study.

Please see complete information on this option under Academic Information in the undergraduate section of this catalog.

Students register with the Registrar's Office each semester. Students who are already enrolled pre-register in April for the following summer and fall semesters and in November for the following winter and spring semesters. A student is officially registered for classes only after all financial obligations to the College have been met.

Students wishing to add/drop a course can do so through Self-Service or by contacting the Registrar's Office. This must be done prior to the end of the add/ drop period, which ends 72 hours after the start of the academic semester or start of session except for Winter Session. Winter Session is 24 hours after the start of the session. Students may not enter a class after the add/drop period.

Course Withdrawal
After the Add/Drop period a student may be allowed to withdraw from one or more courses until the end of the withdrawal period deadline date published on the Academic Calendar. A grade designation of "W" will be recorded for official withdrawals that occur prior to the course withdrawal period deadline date published in the Academic Calendar. After that time, a student not attending a class receives an "F". In consultation with his or her academic advisor, the student should review policies regarding fulltime status, academic standing, financial aid, and international student visa status prior to submitting a course withdrawal.

Class Attendance Policy
The College expects students to attend classes. The College does not, however, set specific guidelines regarding procedures and penalties for absences. Instead, each faculty member sets his/her own guidelines as deemed appropriate for each learning experience. Instructors will distribute their specific course attendance policies as a part of the course syllabus during the first week of classes. Students have the responsibility of knowing these attendance policies.

Late Class Start
Students and instructors are expected to arrive at their class by the official start time of the class. In the event the instructor is delayed, students are required to wait a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes beyond the official start-time of the class before leaving.

Class Cancellation
In the event a class meeting must be cancelled, the instructor calls the Registrar's Office, and staff in the Registrar's Office will post an official class cancellation notice bearing the College seal on the classroom door.

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