General Education Core & Areas of Inquiry

Undergraduate General Education Core
Fulfillment of the General Education Core helps to ensure that students gain the necessary skills and the breadth of knowledge needed to be responsible, competent, and contributing members of a diverse and increasingly technological society, both within and beyond their chosen professions. The General Education Core establishes the basis for lifelong learning after graduation from the College.

General Education Areas of Inquiry (21-23 credits)
The first five of the seven General Education Areas of Inquiry (AI) must be fulfilled with courses in the Arts & Sciences. A single course may not be used to fulfill more than one Area of Inquiry unless otherwise allowed under a specific Major's course requirements. In certain Majors, designated course requirements fulfill some of the Areas of Inquiry, as noted in the catalog.

General Education Core Continued

Majors Requiring a Foreign Language

The following majors include a foreign language requirement: English, English with Elementary Education, English with Secondary Education, History, History with Secondary Education, Humanities, Human Services, Psychology, Sociology, and International Business. Students in these majors must achieve a 200-level proficiency in a foreign language in order to graduate (with lower proficiency levels permitted in certain language areas). All foreign language courses must be taken for a letter grade (cannot be taken pass/fail) and require a C or better for advancement to the next language level. Some students may demonstrate a 200-level proficiency without language coursework at Lasell; others may take an appropriate Foreign Language CLEP Examination for transfer credit. However, most students in majors with a foreign language requirement will need to complete four to twelve foreign language credits. Students in majors that include a foreign language requirement are advised to begin their foreign language study as early as possible.

Aesthetic - Area of Inquiry

Historical - Area of Inquiry

Multicultural - Area of Inquiry

Psychological and Societal - Area of Inquiry

Scientific - Area of Inquiry

Quantitative - Area of Inquiry

Moral and Ethical - Area of Inquiry